Ruth Girls Institute

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Students earn a government certificate in one of the following trades:

  • Dressmaking
  • Fashion Design
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Computer

RGI Student Group


Living on the campus, students receive training on spiritual disciplines for a successful, self-reliant future.

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Life Skills

RGI students learn canning, beauty parlor, candy making, embroidery, English-as-a-second-language, and other life skills for a modern India.


Our Mission

For nearly 45 years, Prakash for India has been equipping young Indian men and women with marketable skills to become godly business owners, spouses, parents and leaders in their communities living self-reliant lives with hope and dignity.

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Student Stories



Karishma is a 19 years old computer student at Prakash Ruth Girls Institute. Growing up, she had a very difficult family life. Her father was an alcoholic, she became very ill due to her family problems, and she miraculously survived several suicide...

Awesome Blessing

Awesome Blessing

For years Loren and I have had a BIG dream that we shared with our...

Sad News

Sad News

This is a heartfelt report from Nupi. It took her a while before she...

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Our Heros

Mrs. Anupama Wankhede

Mrs. Anupama Wankhede

Administrator of Ruth Girls Institute

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