Gokul.Gokul comes from an extremely poor background. He grew up in a small village near Vani. His father is a daily wage earner and mother is a housewife. Gokul says that he lost interest in studies so he became very lazy while living at home. His parents, along with his pastor forced him to attend Prakash. Gokul was very resistant but finally succumbed to the pressure from his parents and pastor. Gokul’s teachers said that he was not an easy student. They had a difficult time teaching him. Once his behavior became very extreme and the General Director had to spank him severely. Gokul says, “It was the last spanking of my life, and it opened my eyes to realize how important it was for me to study.”

He finished his refrigeration course successfully and now is working as a head A/C mechanic. In his off hours, besides running his own business call “GO-COOL,” he is taking an engineering course. Gokul is a leader in his church and is very happy with in his good paying job and studies.

Gokul is exceedingly grateful to Prakash Institute for giving the education, guidance and SPANKING that transformed his life.

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Anil G.

Anil G.My father died when I was young, and my mother struggled to raise three children. Missionaries found a way for my brother and sister to enroll at a Christian hostel and school for orphans. I stayed with my mother.

My mother told me Bible stories throughout my childhood, and I grew up in the knowledge of the Lord. But age 16 was a turning point. I contracted a life-threatening fever. My mother made a covenant with God: if He would heal me, then she would dedicate me to the Lord for His service. I accepted the Lord as my personal savior and was baptized on February 28, 1990.

I wanted to enter the full-time ministry, and although I sought the Lord about this desire, He did not choose this for my life. Instead, He allowed me to study at Prakash Institutes, where I received my certification In Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. I was able to get technical training as well as spiritual training at the Institute, and grew tremendously in my walk with the Lord while I was there. Every staff member contributed to my spiritual strengthening.

Even though I was a semi-orphan – the child of a widow – still the Lord has taken care of me. I praise Him for this great Institute, a shelter of love for poor and marginalized young men like me. Whatever I am today is only because of what the Lord has given me through Prakash Institute of India.

As long as I live, I will serve the Lord faithfully. Although He has not given me a full-time ministry, I readily serve Him when He gives me the chance.

Today, Anil is an active member of Kikde Layout Fellowship Church and works as a refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic. He has a wife and a baby girl.

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Sandeep S.

I come from a strong Hindu family. My father is a mason and my mother is a house wife. We were quite poor, since my father provided our only source of income, and he could not always find work.

I enrolled in Prakash Institutes to become an electrician and help my family. But at first, I felt uncomfortable there. I missed my freedom and the raucous lifestyle I once had. Some of my friends were even a little uneasy around me because I carried a knife – and I wasn’t afraid to use it.

Worship services at the Institute made the difference for me. There, I felt God’s presence. One day, the praise songs spoke directly to my heart. I repented, asked forgiveness to God for all my wrong doings and I became a new creature in Christ! From that point on my life was changed.

When I went to my home after finishing my studies, my parents saw that I was different. I shared the gospel with them. They also accepted Christ and were baptized!

Today, I have a good job in a cement factory is Assam. I now carry a Bible in my pocket where the knife used to be – and whenever I can, I shares God’s Word with those around me, both in my village and at the factory where I work.

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Rajesh B.

Rajesh B.I came to Prakash Institutes from Tuljapur, a poor village steeped in hardship. I received professional training in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, but also my spiritual training. Let me explain.

At Prakash, I knew for the first time what it means to have a personal relationship with the Lord. It was the turning point in my life! Rev. Prabhaker John Salve led me to the Lord, and Rev. S.L. Jadhao was very important in guiding me spiritually.

One of my favorite Bible verses is Philippians 4:19 – “My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” I am living proof of a person who is experiencing God’s faithfulness and how He is using me to enrich the lives of others.

You see, I came from a life of poverty. But today, I am a lay leader in my church, and I have received other blessings of God’s faithfulness – Anita, my wife; two healthy children; my own house and car; and a thriving refrigeration business, with two factories and a significant number of employees, many of whom are Prakash graduates.

I pray that the Lord would continue to use me, and I give all the glory to Him.

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