Jun 8, 2019 | Stories | 0 comments

Karishma is a 19 years old computer student at Prakash Ruth Girls Institute.

Growing up, she had a very difficult family life. Her father was an alcoholic, she became very ill due to her family problems, and she miraculously survived several suicide attempts. 

She praises her mother for her strong faith, sharing with her about Jesus and teaching her how to pray.

Since coming to RGI, not only has Karishma learned valuable life skills, she has learned the power of personal responsibility. The staff has taught her to take ownership over her life choices, apologize when necessary, and turn her anger and irritation into love and patience.

Karishma is excited to graduate from RGI, and after finishing her studies she wants to get a job and help support her family and live with dignity. But, Karishma’s dream is in very real danger.

Your help is needed for Karishma and other marginalized young Indian men and women at Prakash for India.