Chicken Project and Rescue

Apr 19, 2018 | Vet-Med Outreach

Here is a great report from Dr. Suresh about a Chicken Project and other exciting events that are just part of his daily life.


“Chicken project really needs some extra efforts as many times we have to collect one or two chickens from different farmers.  It is because of nobody want to sell his whole stock at a time. But I am thankful to God for giving me good people around me to help me on time. Raju is one of them, he is a very good volunteer and is one of our ex-student who really love Jesus and that’s why he is always ready to help Vet Med.
I just call Raju and told about helping me for buying 7 hens and 3 cocks for any needy family. So he not only said yes but also suggested one poor family from our fellowship at Dodaki. So I met Mr. Rajput,  25 years old young man his wife and 3-year sweet girl Rupali. When I saw Rupali and their living condition my mind decided to give them this chicken project.
Rajput belongs to Mandla in Madhya Pradesh and migrated in Maharashtra in search of work. So he is working as a labor in any farm and living in very poor condition. His income really not well enough to take good care of his family and specially Rupali.
As many time Raju work in same farm they became friends and Raju share about our fellowship in his home.  Rajput really like to attend this fellowship and enjoy listening about Jesus. So to encourage him and help him to get some extra income for his family I decided to help him getting this chicken project.
So we gave him well-matured seven hens and three cocks. It was joy to watch Rupali feeding grains to her chickens.  Rajput and his wife were also very happy to have this project and they were grateful to us for this. This will give good protein diet to Rupali and also some extra income to Rajput
for taking good care of his family.
After this Raju wanted to take me to near by village to introduce with some people form his tribe as they wanted to meet with me for veterinary assistance in their village.  So when we were travelling on the National Highway No. 6 with heavy traffic one young man overtake us very fast and all of sudden his motorcycle slipped on road and went under the very huge lorry and stuck under it.

The young man falls down very badly in unconscious state. So we immediately manage to stop our motorcycle and rush to young man, picked him up and brought outside the road.

With the help of other people, we some how managed to take out his damaged motorcycle. Made arrangement to send him in nearby hospital. Raju was very happy and proud for his help to some in need.
Any way this chicken project really brought many things in our life today. We were able to help Rajput and his family by giving nine chicken, we were able to help the injured young man.
It was a long day without lunch but really gave too much importance. I am really thankful to all the people who are standing with us and helping us to help more and more needy families in our area of ministry. So thank you very much. May God bless you.”