Village Visit and Goat Project

Feb 27, 2018 | Vet-Med Outreach


Taking trips out to villages is one of our joys in this ministry. There is such progress in India and then there are villages that are more than 100 years old and the people live the same as they did then with very few changes. They may have a concrete road but their houses are out of cow dung and mud.


LOREN INSPECTING CROP                                       PICNIC IN VILLAGE

On one of our trips to a work of Dr. Suresh’s I asked if he could arrange a bullock cart ride for me. After we had lunch at the work, and we were on our way to another village I asked, “Did you forget my bullock cart ride?” “Oh, Nani, I forgot.” Just then a bullock cart passed in front of the car. Suresh jumped out and went running after the cart . . . they can really go fast. Finally, he got the farmer and his wife to stop. I got my ride, but they then wanted to talk and talk. The lady was so different than most Indian village ladies and talked up a storm. Suresh felt like it was a divine encounter and now has a new contact in another village.
The following report is from Dr. Suresh on one of the goat gifting projects.
“Once again I am thankful to God for His wonderful provision for Vet Med to help some needy family in our area of ministry. I started thought in my mind about very needful families.
I remembered Mrs. Balaji a 55 years old lady from village who regularly attends our fellowship at Mr. Khandare’s house. She has two daughters and one son. But after giving birth to two daughters she faced hard time as her husband was very unhappy with two girls as he wanted son. So he finds peace in wine and slowly became heavy drinker and some how he lost his psychological balance and in under treatment he lost his life 35 years back. It was a big blow and very hard time for Mrs. Balaji as she was third time pregnant. In that situation she gave birth to third baby and this time she gave birth to baby boy.
After her husband’s death and third delivery her life was in a very, very bad situation. Many time there was nothing to feed her children but still somehow she managed to raised them up. But she was not able to educate her daughters well enough and married them in early age. Her son Ashok also started working as a driver in early age to get extra income for his family. He got married with Priya in 2014 and since then they don’t have any child. This gave good reason to Ashok for start drinking wine and even he started overlooking his family. Again Mrs. Balaji and her family started facing financial crisis. But Miss Vaishali our RGI ex-student started small prayer group in her house and trustfully prayed for her very sick father and he got relief. This really encouraged Mrs. Balaji and Priya to attend this fellowship regularly for praying for Ashok’s bad habit. They realising change in his life too and started believing in Jesus.
As I attend and encourage this group whenever I visit, Mrs. Balaji was in my personal prayer list so I decided to encourage this family through this goat project. I know for sure this unique gift of two recently pregnant female goats will change their life and bring financial blessing in their family. Extra income may help them to find out the real cause and proper medication for having baby in this family. All the members in the family are very happy and grateful to Vet Med and other God loving people who with love help them to get such a wonderful unexpected gift.
Today I am very happy as Nani and Papi personally came with us to this family. Help me in vaccination and sat with us for prayer inside the cow-dung hut and really encouraged me and other people in this fellowship.

Their presence really brought joy in this group of people as they many time felt neglected many time.
I am also thankful to everybody and one who help us for this project, your prayers and all your support to make us meaningful in our ministry. May God bless you all.”