She was desperate . . .

Oct 15, 2017 | Vet-Med Outreach

Dr. Suresh is a busy man. In a personal note to us he said, I was going to give these goats to another family, but so glad I didn’t. Neelima was desperate.  Enjoy his report.
Rupesh, is one of our Ex-Self-Reliant graduates from first batch. Now working as a Manager in one of the very big firm dealing with grape business. He started small fellowship in his native village about 150 Km from Nagpur. He shared about Mrs. Neelima 25-year-old girl (woman for the village) and requested me to help her if we can in any way.
So I decided to meet Mrs. Neelima. When I saw her she was looking like young girl and her story was more sad than what Rupesh told me. Neelima was a part of his small fellowship in this village and got married with a young boy Rajesh in 2013 and he was working in Ahemadabad in Gujrat state. After three months of their marriage Mrs. Neelima got pregnant and in the same month Mr. Rajesh met with an accident where he died on the spot. It was a big blow to Mrs. Neelima as she was having three months’ pregnancy. Her husband’s death snatch everythingfrom her.  Some how she managed to come back to her parents and now she is living her life all alone in a small room along with her parents. Her parents are very old people now and they are not able to support her anymore. Some how Neelima maintains their life but it is really very hard for her and really praise God for the Rupesh that he brought her request to us.
Today Neelima has a 4-year-old boy and she is working very hard for their butter and bread. She wishes that she can give good education to her boy, but the school fees and other expenses is very high for her to bear. And that was the reason she expresses her heart to Rupesh and then Rupesh introduce to me for her son’s education in future.
When I personally met her and her son I decided prayerfully to gift her this goat project. Actually we decided to give her 3 goats. One male and two females but then we got two pregnant females which will give birth in next month.
We took these two females to her and she requested to Rupesh for prayer and then she take over it with lots of thanks. Her 4-year son was very happy and he tried to take all ownership of it, all happenings there was a moment of sharing God’s love and I was really happy that we gave it to the right family.
Though it was a long journey for us I was happy to gave this project to Mrs. Neelima. I am sure this will help her getting some extra money to help her son attend school happily next year.
Thank you very much once again for this wonderful gift of love which will bring joy and educational advancement in the life of this 4-year-old boy and he will be a good Christian testimony in this village.