Jun 5, 2017 | Vet-Med Outreach

“It was decided to give this project of goats to Mr. and Mrs. Pikam, especially for their two small daughters educational help.  But when we reached to them on with two goats (Male and Female) we are shocked to find lock on the door. Neighbors gave us news that this couple had left the home for next six months as they went back to their native village where Mr. Pikam’s father was very sick and in need of his help.
Of course it was a shocking news for me having two goats on motorcycle with me, I was really worried about goats and their care. Prayerfully I decided to call some of my friends and told them about the situation. I got instant response from Pshti village and was on the phone and he told me about Mrs. Meshram about 47 years old woman and her husband died because of unknown illness and since then she is living alone and has a miserable life. And he thought that she will be one who should get opportunity for gift like this so that she could have something to take care of and utilize her time for good cause and also have something to earn for her better living.
Trusting this advice, we diverted our journey with two goats towards Mrs. Meshram who is living outside the village three-kilometer away village. She is living in a very small room and hardly making her living there.

When I saw her she looks very tired and worried. I gave her reason for visiting her and ask her whether she be willing get help or not.  She just folds her hand and said that, ‘She will have another family which will give reason for her to take care and utilize her time with them and also have hope that she will have something in the time of crisis.’  When I hand over the goats to her she started patting the goats.

She was very happy with them and way she was doing all this confirm me that she will take good care of these goats. Now she was looking happy and hopeful.
I was also happy that after all I should gave this project to a more needy person. She urged me to have tea and it was difficult for me to say NO to her. I gave her some instructions and Vaccination schedule information and left her with happy mind.
Actually whole incident makes me emotional and thank God for this opportunity to help one more needy woman for better future. I am also thankful to one who helped for this project, May God bless you.”