A Good Day…

Feb 14, 2017 | Ruth Girls Institute | 0 comments

Nupi wrote this wonderful report. So appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

“Just when you have had a bad day with some girls . . . you had to discipline them for not doing their work on time. You can tell the next day that the girls are not happy with you for doing that and you cry out, ‘Lord you know my motives, I so long to see them advance further in life and not waste their potential and talent!’
As the day advances of two of your ex-students come to take their diplomas and mark sheets to the office. One of them who was a challenge to you last year says with tears in her eyes, ‘I want to thank you for scolding me that day.’ I said, ‘I don’t remember.’ She says, ‘how can it be I remember every word that you said; my life has never been the same after that. I am a totally different person after spending one year at RGI. I was emotionally detached from my family. I was miles away from my father, but today I am enjoying a restored relationship with him. He is the closest to me now. I am so thankful for the days that I spent in RGI those are the days well spent.’
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Viya studied Garment Making and Fashion Designing in RGI last year. Even though she was a bright student in her studies she was also a bit naughty at times.

But today she runs a very successful home based tailoring business.
Nana (Loren) asked her how her business was doing she said. ‘BEST.’ It keeps her quite busy and many people come to her to get their clothes stitched. Nana and I both were very happy to meet Viya and to know that we at RGI were able to make a small difference in her life.

Yes, Jesus has the power to change a person, bring hearts closer and restore broken relationships.
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Prana, Viya’s cousin also studied in RGI last year and took the computer course.

She was a very quiet a sensitive girl. Took her studies seriously. Deserted by a drunken father, her mother single-handedly raised Prana and her brother. Working as a laborer in the fields.  Prana’s brother starting working at an early age to support his mother to earn bread and butter for the family and therefore could not study much. But both Prana’s mother and brother had a desire that they should be able to help Prana to have a better and brighter future. They sent her to RGI and this has helped bring the dreams come true for the family. Pranal will be going to Pune this month to work. She has a cousin who has helped her to get the job there. A little timid girl from a village now has the skills and confidence to go to Pune almost 700 km away for a job.  RGI was able to mold Prana into a confident girl who will become a shining star, and bring new hopes in this destitute family. I am sure her mother is happy for her daughter. “
Now it is a good day.