Goat Gifting 2017

Jan 31, 2017 | Vet-Med Outreach | 0 comments

Dr. Suresh wrote this amazing story of the start of goat gifting for 2017. It is by your gifts this story a reality for destitute families.
“Vet Med Outreach is transforming the lives of unreached village communities where we work with our several projects to transform their lives. Goat Keeping help them for long term financial development.  Vet Med Outreach ensue to teach them how to take care of their projects by themselves and provide all necessary vaccines and needful medications through out year.
Mrs. Uike 40 years Adivasi woman who is living 60 km away from Nagpur having two children, A girl Sanje 19 years old and son 16 years old.  Sanje passed her 12th but still going to farm as a farm labor instead of attending her college education because of their financial condition is not enough to spend on education.

Our local volunteer Raju who is our ex-student in Self-Reliant introduce them to me for some kind of help.
As per our Executive Directors suggestion for gifting goats to some needy families, we decided to give one pair of male and female goats to Mrs. Uike.
Today when we delivered Male and Female goats to this family they were very happy to have this unexpected gift.  Especially Sanje was very happy and started patting goats.

It was happy moment to watch their happiness.  Sanje is very happy as she thinks that now she can meet her educational need.  As she was talking to me about it I shared with her about Ruth Girls Institute and the courses there she really like the courses as she wanted to be Self-Reliant as soon as possible in her life.  I hope and pray that she will attend RGI next year.  Please do pray for her that everything will go right and she will be in RGI.
I hope that this pair of goats will defiantly transform the family’s life as others.  They will be getting good milk for their use and extra money, which will help to meet their children’s educational need.
This is possible because of your love and care.  I am thankful to all who are responsible for this thoughtful gift.  I believe that your gift will make a great impact and change these lives.  Young children will get their education.  Thank you very much for this.”
More stories to come . . .