We are so PROUD . . .

Dec 7, 2016 | India, Prakash Boys Institute | 0 comments

Moses gave us this recent report:
“We are feeling very proud to let you know that Prakash Choir stood first in inter-church group song competition, held in ELC church Nagpur and our Bible Quiz became champions by winning first prize.
We praise God for the enthusiasm our young generation has for learning the Word of God and participating in activities as such. Every year new students come to Prakash and we encourage our students to participate in different competitions held in the city of Nagpur. This gives them good exposure and encourages them to read Bible and learn new songs and music trendy music too.
Thanks to our General Director for taking extra efforts in teaching new songs and taking our teams to different churches and events.
Kindly pray that our students will grow stronger spiritually and do well in their studies, even with all the Government difficulties.”
On another note . . .
The refurbishing of the oldest building on the Prakash campus is a grueling process. Over the years the slurry of cement surface has cracked allowing rainwater to seep into the red (unfired) brick. The rebar rusts and expands and VOILA . . . crumbling building and extensive water damage inside the rooms.

Gradually, we are trying – as funds come in – to repair and resurface the entire building. Then paint it with a new plastic paint. We have a test area and it still looks great after three years.
We covet your prayers and donations for this project.