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Jun 6, 2016 | India, Staff | 0 comments

A very nice report from Nupi:
All students are gone home for vacation.  All the RGI staff is on annual leave except me as I wanted to complete the work for promotion letters, getting the prospectus ready for the next academic year, etc.
Two RGI orphan girls are living with me at my house, as it was difficult for their orphanage to send somebody to pick them up. I just thought that it would be good for them to have exposure to family atmosphere, also with Rachel finishing her exam and having vacation they will enjoy and learn from being together.
Before the vacation two of our Pre- School Teacher Training students submitted application for job in one of the English medium school in Kalmeshwar.
I encouraged them to go and give the interview; preparing them that even if there is not a positive response from the school take this as a learning experience for you as to how to face an interview and what to expect.  Two of our teachers accompanied them to the interview, which was conducted in a room behind closed doors, one by one.
They were given topics to prepare and teach students on the spot. Our girls did teach to the interview committee also. They said, ‘though we were scared to death we tried to do our best.’ They were pretty much satisfied to get this experience and said that we have learned a lot from this experience.
Efforts are underway to work out a plan with nearby schools where Pre- School students can go and work as assistants to teachers so that they get practical exposure to actual school atmosphere at least for a week or so.
Suresh:  Suresh had his bone grafting surgery yesterday evening.  It took about one hour.  He had hurt his tooth long back when he had fallen.  And now its affects had come back.  After a years treatment the dentist thought this was the last option.  While paying the bill Suresh says to me, ‘Wish this was my daughter’s clinic. Dental treatment is expensive!’ He is advised to have sooji (cream of rice) for two days.  This is more painful for him than the surgery. He just doesn’t like sooji. He has pretty good swelling on the face and I have forced him to stay indoors at least for a few days. Please remember him in your prayers.
The Tower work is still in limbo, due to weather. Funds are still trickling in.