Fred and Ethel

Mar 3, 2016 | India | 0 comments

With Patrick still recouping Susan and I made the tour of villages with Nupi and Suresh. Of course, there is always a stop at the farm for oranges. This is the farm where Dr. Suresh holds Self-Reliant Training.
High on our priority list was to visit and take pictures of Fred and Ethel. (We were given money for goats with the stipulation—as a joke— that we name them Fred and Ethel. A first time to name goats for us.) As we drove up to the little house where Fred and Ethel now live, a young girl ran up to the window of the car. Susan rolled down the window and the girl said, in perfect English, “What is your name?’ Susan answered, “Susan. What is your name?” Head held high and shoulders back with a huge smile she answered, “FRED.” We all howled. She ran off before I could get a picture.
When Atul was making this sign, he said,”Which name is for male goat?”

Dr. Suresh wrote this report:
“Atul is an18 years old young village poor boy. He has understood the value of education through our self-reliant training and dream to be a graduate of higher education in his life. But it was very difficult for him to continue his education after 10th grade. Atul is a very good student and hard working too. As he is living in the village where I always travel our relationship became stronger. In my personal talk I realize that he wants to continue his study with his own money. This is difficult if he works for others because he doesn’t get time to study so he was finding something as self-reliant which will give him some money and time to learn.
When our Executive Director Mr. Loren share about gifting one more pair of goats that is one male and one female, I thought about Atul and prayerfully decided to help him to be self-reliant and continue his studies.
For first time we named goats Fred and Ethel. Even before buying it we were finding it difficult to get Fred and Ethel. Finally we got them in two different villages and transported them in very old jeep, as we don’t get any transport vehicle in that area.
When we reached at Atul’s house there were some young people waiting for us and specially for Fred and Ethel. As we reached they started shouting ‘Here is Fred, here is Fred.’ As Fred is little naughty and playful he became popular in this village. Also his name.
Yes, this male goat is really a very good breed and will be very useful in this village for breeding. Female goat is pregnant and will give birth very soon.
One pair of goats seems nothing important, but I knew its big result in the life of Atul and his small family. This will change the socio-economic life of this family and especially Atul’s life. He is very happy to have such wonderful gift and opportunity to be graduate in life.
I still remember the Marathi words that Atul’s mother said for thanking us.  She said, ‘ Really you are true human being who care for people like us and help us by heart.’
Personally I am thankful to ‘Mr. Fred and Ethel’ for supporting this project and giving us opportunity to show the love of Christ and build strong relationship to do personal evangelism and represent Jesus through such love and care.”
Atul’s sister is planning to attend RGI next year . . . the ripple effect of this ministry.