Flurry of Final Activities

Jan 30, 2016 | India | 0 comments

The PROOF OF HARD WORK (Tea and Paint hands)

The Team was functioning at full speed to accomplish all the activities they wanted to complete.
Q & A time with the girls at RGI had more giggles than questions.
Lunch at RGI girls is always a treat. We had “Chicken on a holiday” curry. (An egg curry) In fact, the Team LOVED Indian food so much that the RGI girls sent food to our dining room often to fill in the menu.
Bill had a duffel bag full of balls, jump ropes and Frisbees so a Playtime with RGI girls was a must. Bill was a hero when he could jump rope longer then any of the girls.
Q & A with another group of PBI boys again had many very interesting and perceptive questions. There were plenty burst of hilarity to let us know the boys were having an enjoyable time. Tea was an extra bonus.
As night was falling, laughing and screaming signaled a playtime with the PBI students. A game of flag football, American style, was the highlight.
We wondered at the quietness on Friday morning only to find the PBI students in their Starting Point small groups. How rewarding to see them interacting with their facilitator. Starting Point has completely changed the Christian Ed program at Prakash.
Finishing the painting of one wing of the PBI dorm rooms was the goal. Joy, the General director even got involved with the cleaning. All the staff was so helpful. The Team loved the interaction.
The staff had never used a paint roller before.
The RGI girls felt it would be completely improper for Katie to return home without menhendi, better known as henna. Well, Katie was not the only recipient. . . Bill, Mark and SHE also ended up with gorgeous designs.
THEN . . . there was the dedication ceremonies for the newly painted rooms and beds. There is always a ribbon cutting, singing and thanksgiving ceremony for all things new.
    Katie and I had the honor of cutting the ribbon.

Then Team enjoyed viewing the attractiveness of their completed hard work. Students were also thrilled.

What a grand way to end the Team’s time with us. They were such a blessing to all the staff and students. Loren and I feel honored to call them co-workers for Jesus.