Activities Abound

Jan 29, 2016 | India | 0 comments

The team is working very hard to complete the painting project, BUT they do need time to rest and be subjected to the culture of India . . . in a good way.

India has more holidays than any country I know of. So the Team got to see the Flag Day ceremonies. They call it “Flag Hoisting.”

One evening we had a Cultural Program put on and narrated exclusively by the students.
A skit performed by RGI girls. I’m always amazed at the costumes they have made. Do you see Mary and Joseph?
A hysterical “beggar skit” performed by PBI boys.
A beautiful dance from South India by the RGI girls.
Songs by the RGI girls.
Highlight of the evening was dancing by the TEAM.
A tour of the boys’ kitchen gave Katie a chance to learn how chapattis are made, and so yummy to eat right off the griddle.
Shopping for a new refrigerator for the boys’ kitchen made me soooo glad I had perfume on.
Dhobiville is the Laundromat of India and a site to see.
Bill asked, as we looked a row of neatly formed round cow patties,
“Where do they get the . . . stuff?”
“They walk the streets with a basket on their head and collect all the dung they can find. It is a daily routine. This lady has dried them and will now go and sell them.

How would like to spend your entire life making and selling cow patties? ? ?”

Without RGI this could be the fate of some of the RGI girls.

Mark gave a fantastic message on LOVE at Chapel service. He had everyone’s attention.
PROGRESS . . .several of the beds are now painted. Staff is also proud of all the changes. Amazing what a little paint can do.