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A call came, “Nani can we come for visitation?” It was from two former RGI students . . .sisters. These girls were students when Mark and Bill were here two years ago, so I pulled the Team away from their painting project to be a part of our “Tea Time.” Oh my, what a joy to hear how these girls have progressed and now have wonderful jobs.
Vijiya has a job with a big private electric company. She is earning a good salary, which she gives in its entirety (after ten per cent to God) to her parents. Asked what RGI did for her, she replied, “I would have never come out of my house. I had no confidences. I had failed 12th standard and was so ashamed. RGI helped me. In Starting Point I learned that God loved me and also Nupi Madam helped me to pass my 12th. I now have confidence that I can do the job. It even helps me when I teach my kids’ Sunday School class.” (Both sisters teach Sunday School)
Meenu said very much the same things. She is working in the Service Department at Hyundai Motor Cars. She was just voted the “BEST EMPLOYEE.” “I learned to be on time at RGI,” she smilingly declared.
Loren teased them about marriage. They asserted that a wedding was a LONG way off. Katie was fascinated at their desire for the marriage to be arranged. Explaining that if the marriage did not work out happily, it would be their parent’s fault . . . famous Indian “blame game.”
WOW! We were busting our buttons. What a delight for Mark and Bill and Katie hear of the transformation because of RGI.
Experiencing shopping is always a must on the agenda for guests.
Traffic is just another part of the experience.
Katie had a couple of desired purchases. She wanted a sari, even though it was a mystery to her as of how to wear it. I had the shopkeeper put it on her. Wonder of wonders. “It looks great,” she exclaimed.
Also she and Bill were fascinated by the Indian lunch pail . . . tiffin. Mark was totally bored . . . not really . . . just a patient dad.
I almost got a “cow kiss” while waiting for the Team as they toured the bread shop.
I wanted a couple of scarfs from my favorite alley “scarf shop.” Katie said, “How do you ever find these places?” It is my goal to wander all the alleys of downtown Nagpur.
Of course an ice cream stop is essential. This time suggested by Viple the driver. We all laughed, but heartily agreed.