The Team is Coming

Jan 23, 2016 | India | 0 comments

With each trip we have the excitement of having teams from the USA visit Prakash. It is no small task to get things ready for our guests. You would think by now I would have it down to a science, but each team presents its own set of requirements     thought I would just give you a picture collage of what was needed for Mark, Bill and Katie’s arrival.
Bill and Mark are on the Prakash USA Board and Katie is Mark’s daughter. They are from California.
Beds in India are so hard, you might as well sleep on the tile floor, so we finally-after all these years-found a place that would sell us SOFT foam toppers. As you see every available space is used for product.
Sitting and making a menu for the week was a priority and Nupi had to translate and write it all out in Marathi for Sunil, our guest cook.
Thinking we could no longer have beef in our menu I was looking for other sources of protein. Fish was an option. Well, I don’t think so. After learning where the fish are from, and knowing where the sewer lines dump, I don’t want fish in my mouth and definitely not our guest’s mouths.
Due to my injury, (which is much, much better now) Loren and Nupi did the grocery shopping. There are no super markets here. Fruits in one area,

vegetables another


bread in yet another area of the city.

Loren pays the bills and as you can see was DONE, FINISHED, CAPUTE!     

Throw pillow covers were replaced.

Dusting and cleaning completed by Mangala. 
A welcome sign designed (notice how they spell welcome)

and a beautiful Rangoli made.

The rooms are ready with water bottles, clean sheets and towels, and now soft toppers.
The guests arrive, but not without incident-a blowout on one of the vehicles delayed the welcome program, but finally a HEARTY WEL-COME was given and our week of work and fun begins.