Our God is a God of Miracles

Nov 11, 2015 | India | 0 comments

Just thought you all needed to see what a miracle God is doing in Snehal’s life and the answer to prayers for new tires for the tractor.

Also the churches in and around Nagpur are putting on a Musical Fundraiser Concert with musicians out of Mumbai.  All proceeds will go to help pay Snehal’s medical expenses.  Loren and I were blown away…As far as we know this has never happened before.

Nupi’s personal report about Snehal:
“It was good to see you today.   I visited Snehal in the hospital today after a gap of almost two weeks.  Since I had throat infection I avoided going.  Today when we went to see Snehal I was so thankful to God for listening to all our prayers, he has progressed tremendously.  When we went he was in the physiotherapy section doing his exercises; with a big smile he greeted us.  He did all the exercises of both hands and legs very well at the same time continued to talk to us.  He asked me how is every body at Prakash?
I said, ‘everybody is well. We are praying for you and awaiting for you to return to work.’  He said, ‘I too want to come back as soon as possible.’  He asked me about the follow up of the government work that he was handling before getting sick and asked if we had any more problems with regards to it.  Most important of all he asked me when is Loren coming?  I said, ‘He will come maybe as usual in January.’ I also told him that he asked about you this morning.  He said, ‘Was that during Skype?’  I said, ‘Yes.’
Then Arpana (his wife) asked, ‘How come you are asking about Loren?’  Snehal said, ‘I am sure that if he comes he will surely come to visit me if I am sick.’
Just wanted you to know that he is doing very well now as compared to my last visit.  He loves to talk, I loved to see him laugh and crack jokes and being concerned about Prakash work too. He is so sweet.  The physiotherapist said I have not seen so many visitors for a patient as I have seen for Snehal.
Arpana seemed to be relaxed today.  She has really shown extra ordinary courage as Snehal went through this situation.  I would say what Snehal is today is answered prayers of all the people that have upheld him and the family.”
Moses’ report on Snehal:
“Yesterday I had been to the hospital to visit Snehal.  There is a lot of improvement in his health as he has started recognizing people very clearly and he is able to recollect lot of memories as far as his work and friends is concerned.
He has started talking with the visitors, though not very clear but can communicate.  He is able to breathe by himself and except one all the tubes are removed from his body.
Physiotherapist visits him twice a day and even takes him to the exercise room on wheel chair.
Snehal enjoys going out of his room on the wheel chair.  He is learning to stand on his feet with the help of support and hopefully in couple of weeks he will be able to take few steps on his own. We are all glad to see a rapid progress in him.  He likes to here stories and laugh. When I shared some funny stories with him he kept on laughing but I had to stop as he was laughing too much.
While talking with him Snehal said, ‘Pastor please don’t worry about the syllabus for Electrician trade. Next week I will come to Prakash and I will try my best to finish the incomplete syllabus.’  Amen!!!
It was good to see him very optimistic about his life and I believe that it is all because of his faith in Jesus Christ.  Thanks for all the faithful prayers.  God bless all the prayer warriors.”


Last night after I had written this Journal about Snehal we learned that he has gone home…no tubes, no wheelchair…only a walker.  God has given us a bigger and better miracle than we had ever thought possible.

Tractor Tires:
Thank you, thank you to our faithful donors. We were able to purchase and mount two new tires on the tractor and it is back to work. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.