Oh No…It Can’t Be

Sep 9, 2015 | India | 0 comments

Everyone at Prakash is beginning to wonder what can possibly happen next. This report came from Joy, the General Director, and hit us all right in the stomach. If it is not the government, or the weather, it is the most vital part of life…WATER.   Now all we can do is scream HELP LORD. Not that we have not been doing it all along we are just louder now. We will just have to pay to have water hauled in for the PBI students until the well is fixed. Thankfully the RGI girls have their own well.

              (As you can see Joy is not afraid of getting his hands dirty.)

Joy’s Report:

The pump is out from the Bore. The reason of burning of Motor was water-cooling system to the coils of the motor was blocked due to soil which blocked the pores and the coils got over heated.
While taking out the pipes, we have noticed that 5 pipes have holes due to corrosion and needs to be replaced with new ones.
We have gathered some information on the project,
1. Cost of Pump and Starter          Rs. 55000.00
2. Cost of new pipes                              52364.00
3. MCBs                                                   12,900.00
4. Labour                                                   17000.00
5. Cleaning of bore                                18654.00
6. Misc. unknowns                                   14000.00
Total   Rs.169,909.00 (US $ 2556 approx.)