See Why…

Aug 10, 2015 | India | 0 comments

Opps!!!! I don’t know why but we are all having a problem with the date of the graduation at Prakash. It is JULY and even in Nupi’s report it said JUNE.  So I copied and pasted it in the last Journal from SHE…it said June for a second time. LOL
This following report from Moses just shows again why I asked for your words of encouragement. This NEW process of trying to register students in ITI schools is the new Prime Minister’s grand idea.   But he never took in to account the lack of computers in the villages, the meager infrastructure for the Internet, plus a website that did not work. Oh well, it is India. We just praise our commented staff for their perseverance. All of this took place in temperatures of 90 plus degrees. Ugg.
“Since last four days I was busy with the online admission process.  I had to take new students to government ITI office with all the required documents so that they will be admitted in Prakash through online admission procedure.  It was a matter of 10 to 20 minutes but because of the rush, rains and a long queue it took three days of standing in the line for our turn to come and finally after long three days six of our students got seat in Prakash.  It was a counseling round (5th round) according to the government procedure.  
On the very first day of this counseling round government officials could not manage the violent crowd and so they had to call the police and as soon as police came to the scene they started “lathi charge” or Baton charge beating and the poor kids and their parents waiting for their turn had to flee from the spot.  So this continued till the third day.  
We are trying our best to admit more students through online.  Kindly pray for the online admission system here as we still not sure as how many students we will have this year in the hostel.”