Uniquely Qualified Continues

Feb 19, 2015 | India | 0 comments


 Happy Valentine’s Day

This is a real Valentine’s present.  Dr. Suresh wrote:

“It is really not easy to choose a perfect needy family or person for the gifting of goats. At the same time I am heartily thankful to the Lord for His provision for what we need and when we need to glorify his name through God living through people like those who have helped for this pair of goats.

I was teaching about Goat farming to one group of 35 women and as God led me I first inquired with them about any needy women to whom we should help in the class. I was sharing this with this group and I found out that one lady in the front row was NOT listening with any interest. So I made her stand and asked her why she is so sad. I was surprised to know that she and her friend both lost their son’s by drowning in the lake recently. She was so hurt that she said she has lost her will for living anymore. As she was sharing this, tears had made our class quiet. I was unable to comfort her as it was a very new experience for me.

After class when I was returning home I was thinking about her and the Holy Spirit guided me that I should invite Nani (Sylvia) to comfort her. As I shared this with Nani she happily came and had a talk with this group of ladies and shared her experience about Connor with them. I praise God it worked out very good. Two unhappy and very hurt women were really comforted through Nani’s talk and hugs.

She also mentioned that you might comfort others through our sorrowful condition and encourage others.

After the talk one lady came to me and told me that actually she was going to request me to give her the pair of goats, but after listening to Sylvia she thought she knows one poor family who is desperately in need for such help more than her. I felt God’s hand in this and after class I went and met this family 10 km away from this village.

Seeing their condition I really made my mind to help this family with this pair of goats. I know God has his plan and I am thankful to him for an executive director Loren Eckhardt as he is specialized in seeing such needs and trying to help such destitute people around us not only to accomplish one more project but to open the door for us to share the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ with them in process. This process brings change in their physical and spiritual poverty.

Godabai lives with her son and his two daughters. Godabai lost her husband 10 years back because of jaundice. They did not have enough money to spend on medication and hospitalization. Her son is illiterate and so works as a farm laborer and his wife doesn’t get a job very often so their condition is hand to mouth.

Somehow they manage to send one daughter in the nearby school but the other became mentally disabled. They don’t know the reason but it could be malnutrition.


Godabai feels to be a burden on this family and shared this with the lady from our class. I delivered the pair of goats. As I watched this family and I really don’t have words to express their joy. Godabai folded her hands so many times to thank me. For me her tears were enough to know her gratitude.

What an opportunity to take the gospel and love of Christ to these unreached village people where no pastor, evangelist or missionary can go and preach. But thank God that I am a veterinary doctor and can go with my profession. Projects like this are the easiest way to create an opportunity to show God’s love.”