Lives Changed with Goats

Jan 23, 2015 | India | 0 comments

Dr. Suresh wrote the recent report:

“Goat keeping is becoming very a profitable profession for poor village people as meat prices are increasing very fast in India. As goats pastorate twice in a year the families get good money by selling new born after six months. I hope this family will get good nutrition for their children and also get financial development too.

Anando belongs to Mang tribe. He is very poor. He is living in a clay and cow dung house. He has three children, a boy and two girls. The son lives away from them as he failed in 10th standard and is working in a hotel in another town, but he is not making enough money to help his parents. Anando is also not making enough money, as he is always sick because of weakness and severe stomach pain.

His wife makes broom to keep her family’s body and soul together. But one broom costs 15 rupees and doesn’t get enough customers so many times she finds it very difficult to maintain her family needs.

We started a house church in their home since last 3 months. Every time I visit them for prayer fellowship I wish that I could help them by giving goats. As goats are very beneficial for a poor man to develop financially so I was praying for them and God answered my prayer through Prakash for India. I decided to gift them one pair of goats.


When I delivered them a pair of goats, it is impossible to explain their joy in words specially the two girls were very happy and they happily started caring for the goats by giving them water and fodder.

I believe that this family will take good care of these goats and the goats will change their lives as they will be getting milk and good money out of this project as I saw in many families.

I am personally very thankful to God’s people who helped us to help the poor family for the Glory of God. This will be great help to this family. May God bless you. Please continue to pray for this family and our small prayer group in this family.”