We are home. . .thankfully the ministry continues

Nov 8, 2013 | India | 0 comments

We are home from India and thankfully the ministry of Prakash continues to bless those in need in India. Dr. Suresh persists, somewhat like Superman—rain, storms, or potholes do not deter him from his commitment to Vet-Med ministries.

“It is great joy to give you this report.  This year we had very, very heavy rainfall in which thousands of people lost their lives in it.  I too had some very bad and dangerous experiences on the village roads full of water with hidden potholes.  Two times I slipped in a brook with a heavy current but our dear Lord was always with me to support.

I am very happy that I was able to help many village people and farmers. At the same times I faced some difficulties also while treating some cases. Specially treating very poor Maddu’s baby goat with severe diarrhea.

Thank God after my sixth visit, as I took it as a challenged, baby goat gave good response and recovered from it. Maddu is very, very happy and he doesn’t find way to express thankfulness to me but his tears said lot.


Also I would like to share the development that took place in Kaabai’s life because of our Christmas goat project. As we gift her two pregnant female goats in 2012. She developed this project very carefully and hardly she six goats this year so she sold four of them and used that money to repaired her old house, bought two chickens and brought some broom materials to start broom business. She doing marvelous.


She is sending her grandchildren to school.  She is very happy that she is meeting all her and her grandchildren’s requirements.  Today her life is filled with true thankfulness. She has a changed life because of the help you allowed me to give to her.”