Blessing Out of Tragedy

Oct 26, 2013 | India | 0 comments

If you remember, about four months ago I wrote of the horrific windstorm on the Prakash campus that took down 40 trees. As we arrived on campus about four weeks ago, I noticed some trees with fabric wrapped around their trunk, along our road. Due to the fact that we have been so busy with the 40th celebration, I had no time to inquire about them. Also there were so many of them I had wondered about the cost.
So…upon investigation this week, I found we had been gifted the trees by the Government of India. There is a massive campaign throughout India to plant trees for better air quality. I had observed huge billboards while in Mumbai saying, “Plant trees for the health of Mumbai.”
Because Joy, the General Director, made a call to a “friend” in local government, and since we fit within the criteria to benefit from the “tree plantation program,” 25 men arrived at the property with 900…yes 900 trees.
They planted them all around the edge of the campuses, also in the vicinity of the pond and throughout other needed areas.
They not only planted the trees, but will water, and care for them—replace any that die—for THREE YEARS. The authorities send an inspector once a week to keep check on the trees’ progress. There is absolutely no cost to us.
God has given us an enormous gift, beyond all our thinking or desires.
We are so thankful forJoy and his awareness of these government programs.