Last Days of Visits

Oct 18, 2013 | India | 0 comments

A village trip is always on the agenda for guests when time allows. It not only lets them see Vet-Med ministry, but also gives us a chance to follow up on the recipients of the chicken and goat Christmas gifts.
Marshall and Leslie enjoyed seeing a totally different India. We had our picnic lunch at the farm where Dr. Suresh does his Self-Reliant training. We were saddened to learn of the farmer’s sudden death. His son will carry on the working of the farm and will also permit Self-Reliant training to continue on the property. This is a huge answer to prayer.
October is the perfect time of year for the tasty oranges for which Nagpur is famous. Leslie and Marshall had great fun picking a large supply for all of us. I had thoroughly “bumped my noggin'” (as my Mom would have said) when Premdas hit a hidden speed bump at full speed. Everyone in the car hit the roof, but I hit the handhold. Probably, it is a slight concussion. So I didn’t feel up to picking oranges.
Just to add to the excitement the boys found two large black snakes. Of course, Nani always has to see the prize. Loren told them to add it to their curry for more protein. UGGGGG!! With laughter was their only reply.
There was a day with lunch at RGI and then Leslie and I had Q&A with the girls while Marshall had time with some of the PBI boys.
(Loren was busy for these two days with a project I will write about later.)
Marshall left in the evening and I snapped a cute picture of him with the girls, but Leslie left VERY early the next morning and I am still dealing with a sore head so no pictures.
We were delighted with their visits. I asked Marshall on the way to the airport, ” Was Prakash the reality of your expectations?” He said, “Absolutely! It confirmed what I believed to be true.”