Hail and Wind

Apr 15, 2013 | India | 0 comments

Receiving the three following emails is so depressing. WEATHER, is our enemy at Prakash. It has been over 107 degrees and then this sudden drastic change. The trees are no only beautiful, but greatly keep the campus cooler in the hot season, and give us cleaner air. What a shame to loose them. Thankfully, we had no injuries to our staff or student body.

Joy wrote:

“Heavy hail storm and wind Sat.   There was extensive damage to the greenery of Prakash campus. Many trees were uprooted. It took hours to clear the roads on campus.                                         

No seen damage to the buildings. It might take weeks to remove the fallen trees. A team of 30 Prakash “warriors” was on the task to clear the roadblocks.”

Nagesh wrote and sent pictures:

“We have experienced hailstorm in Nagpur which lasted not more than 15 minutes but uprooted many trees in our Campus. Almost all the roads were blocked. Some of the huge trees have been uprooted.


We have seen hailstones on the Campus. I gave call to Joy and when he came he took tractor and with the help of students we started cleaning the mess.

Boys were pretty excited cleaning this mess. I also helped in driving the tractor and cleaning the mess. I remembered my days when I was a student how I used to work as a student. That day looking at how Joy himself was involved in working all of us joined him and we cleared mess till in the night.


There are many people died in Nagpur because some were taking shelter under the trees and that same tree came on them. There are also many people who died because of the electricity poll came down on them. Thank God our boys closed their rooms and stayed inside otherwise any thing would have happened. We are thankful for quick thinking of Housefathers to get boys safely into their rooms.”

Report from Moses with pictures:

“On Saturday 13th April we were taken by a surprise as in no time the weather changed and it became cloudy and windy. It did not give us time to even guess that there will be severe hailstorm.  I mean it was a destructive one.  In Prakash more than twenty trees fell down.  Some of them were broken and few got uprooted from the soil itself.  It was kind of Panic situation for all of us but for some of the students it was a competition time as who collects more ice cubes.

BEFORE                    AFTER

As the trees also fell down on the electric line or wires we were out of electricity for quite a long time.  Almost all the roads were blocked and literally no place for even two Wheeler (motorcycle).  But Praise God that Joy and Vipul came running to the campus and guess what??? Joy was on the tractor without wasting any time and started his road clearing work.  Our students and staff members had to work very hard till late night removing and trimming the broken branches or trees from the road.  Our campus is in a bad shape right now.  There is mess all over. ”


From these reports you can see that our staff is impressed that the General Director, Joy, is willing to get down and work with everyone. Most “big wigs” would not do this in India. We are so thankful for his leadership by example.