Easter in India

Apr 7, 2013 | India | 0 comments

Even though it is a week since Easter, I thought you would love to read these reports of the Easter activities of the Prakash for India family. I am sure each church also had magnificent services, but they did not send reports to me.


Report from Nupi:


“The RGI girls had the wonderful experience; they’re first, of attending one of the local Prakash churches for Easter services.

They were all so excited to be off campus, for a change, and interact with the activities of another church. Also the fact that a yummy curry meal was served made it all the more exciting for them.


The church was decorated and the message of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection clearly spoken.”


Report from Moses:


“The boys at PBI rose very early in the morning for a sunrise Easter service. They had a wonderful time of fellowship and lots of meaningful songs—old and new.  Some boys who come from Pune, Mumbai and Aurangabad (Marathi speaking belt) sang some heart touching old songs.


One of the songs made us all literally cry. In this song the poet asks Judas, “Hey Judas please tell me why have you cheated my Lord, what wrong he had done?”… and so on.


Our wonderful morning service was on the ground, where we had organized sports day event few weeks back.

Our students had created a scene of the empty tomb with the help of rocks.



IT WAS AMAZING! It was most meaningful for the students that are new believers and for us old ones too. By looking at the scene while I read the resurrection story, it was so easy for all of us to imagine how the situation would have been when women and the disciples saw the empty tomb.


After the service was over my father (Moses’ father lives on campus with Moses and Janet) sponsored tea and breakfast for all the students.  We had bread, jam and tea for breakfast for all the students. All the arrangements for the breakfast were done by Janet and my father. Wow! It was fun time and we all had a good fellowship.”


Report from Suresh:

“I really had good time in Nandagomukh, as many young men were very much interested to know about Good Friday and Easter.  So we all came together on 30th of March and sat in the hall for couple of hours, it was a wonderful fellowship. 

I tried my best to explain them the purpose and meaning of Good Friday and Easter.  I started with birth, purpose, trials, persecution and crucifixion and ending with the glorious resurrection.  They were listened to it very heartily even though at 107 degrees there was not a single fan running in that hall.


Many share with me that they never heard these things about Jesus, but now they are happy to know true information about His death on cross.  Please do pray for this group so that they can know Him as their personal Savior.”