An Angel Came to Prakash

Feb 18, 2013 | India

An unexpected rumble of thunder threatened the skies of Nagpur. Then all at once it was pouring, lightning flashing rapidly. What a blessing, for when the TWO angels arrived the temperature had cooled considerably. Angel and Sherian arrived for a short visit to see the ministries of Prakash for India.

Sherian is a member of the same church, in California, as one of our Prakash Board members.

As only they can do, the students and staff put on a terrific Wel Come Program. Yes, the Indians spell welcome as two words.

There were garlands given, songs, dances, and words of encouragement spoken from both Angel and Sherian.


Organizing a glimpse of all aspects of Prakash in a short time takes some true coordination, but we accomplished tours of both campuses,

breakfasts and lunch with staff, tea in a team home, visit to a house church, dinner in a staff home,

and an expedition through a village —visiting some of the recipients of the Christmas gifting. The chickens and goats are doing wonderfully and the families are better nourished already.

Ending the visit with lunch and Q & A with the RGI girls.

It was the highlight of their visit.

The girls were in awe when they found out I had just met Angel and Sherian. “You act like old friends,” they observed. “We are sisters in Christ, so it does make us instant friends,” I explained to them. The women considered me the real touchy-feely type. I explained, “My hugs are probably the first caress of love these girls have ever received.”

Of course, there was some shopping. Girls can always fit shopping into the schedule.

We are thankful for their prayers and bond of fellowship that was established.

Thank you again for your prayers and support
               *   Some names  have been changed to protected the privacy and safety of the characters in my stories.