Sports Day

Feb 13, 2013 | India

Every year the students at Prakash love the Sports Day celebration. Actually, it is more than one day, but that is what it is called. Days are spent getting the fields prepared for the grand occasion. Rocks from the field are stacked and make an impressive mound. Just think what would happen if a knee or elbow collided with on of the jagged mass. The soil is sifted and rolled into a smooth area for Cricket. Even the General Director gets involved in the preparations of leveling the grounds.

Loren is jealous he does not get to drive the tractor. There was massive amount of teamwork needed before the games began.

Dignitaries are invited for the distinguished inaugural opening event. The speakers were:

Mr. Vijayan (Administrator of St. Xaviour High School)

Miss Ferry Garg (Administrator of Shiladevi Public School)

Mr. Lalchand Garg (Owner of Shiladevi education Society)

Flags are raised and patriotic music is sung to initiate the competitions. A regular Olympic atmosphere abounds.


Four teams consisting of able bodied staff and students vie for first place.

Samson Riders

Joshua Fighters

David Believers

Joseph Warriors

Sometimes the rivalry becomes fierce.

At the time of the RGI girls’ competition, the PBI boys are their enthusiastic cheering squad.                        

The girls’ games are much less strenuous, but fun all the same.

Games such as:

Put the balls in the bucket behind you.

Balancing a balloon to the finish line with your partner.

Who, in one minute can blow the most number of balloons?

Fun is had by all. It is fantastic to see the comradely between students and staff. The entire event then concludes with a huge curry dinner for each and every one.

This is a Prakash tradition I hope never ends.