My Sister and Her Husband Have Arrived

Jan 23, 2013 | India

My sister, Verna, and her husband Ron, have arrived at Prakash and we have been very busy showing them around. I have hardly had time to think, let alone write a Journal…sorrrrry! This is Ron’s first trip to India and Verna came in 1989. Loren and I were also on that ’89 trip.

As per Prakash standards the students and staff put on a WOW of a Welcome program. Verna cried the whole time, “Because she was happy.”

The students love doing it, but it does make you feel so extremely loved and appreciated.


The next morning the “official” welcome program was presented in the RGI auditorium with songs, garlands, introductions, and the girls did a dance,


(the boys had performed a skit and dance the night before.)                           

Again, there was an abundance of tears. The girls especially, have fallen in love with Verna and her exuberant loving spirit.

We have given Ron’s heart failure by making him ride in the front seat of the vehicle…only way to introduce someone to the TRUE India. They wanted to see the ministries of Prakash and also just exactly what Loren and I do. Well, we have been giving them a taste of our life here in India. Trips to town, meetings with the staff and eaten in a few of the staff homes, met with the students, seen the buildings, and classes in session. 

We have attended Student church

and a House church.

But the first couple of days were spent in retrieving their luggage. Their luggage took the route they were SUPPOSE to fly, but due to mechanical problems, eight- hours later they were put on a different airlines, with a different route entirely, so we are just thankful that the luggage arrived here at all.

Verna tells me that at the end of every day, “This is my favorite day.” She has a lot more favorites to come.

I feel blessed to get to show Ron and Verna “OUR” India.

Many more stories and shared experiences to write soon.