Radio Day

Jan 15, 2013 | India

When we arrived we found out about all kinds of experiences our students have been involved in. I will try to get you all caught up to date.  This next story took place just before Christmas.

Due to the fact that our students perform a high quality of work and their conduct is above reproach, they are often asked to participate in some wonderful extracurricular activities. They make us proud…to say the least. Here is a report on one such activity.

“The last two weeks have been very busy as the students of RGI and PBI were busy practicing for a program to be presented on the All India Radio station.

The excited students and teachers arrived at the Radio station to record the program to be telecasted the evening of 25th December 2012.  

What an honor to be able to do this. People all over India heard this program. Nupi wrote a skit about Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. Nagesh wrote songs that were sung as a part of the skit. The songs were inserted in different scenes during the Christmas story.                

It was a half an hour program, but we were at the radio station from 11am and the recording went on until 4 pm.

The lady who was in charge of the youth programs at the radio station was so impressed with the singing and drama that she kept on praising the students again and again. She was very interested in knowing what our students study, where they study, because they were very well behaved.


We were allowed to listen to the finished recording in the studio, which is very rare. It was by God’s grace that we were given such a wonderful opportunity to spread His message of salvation in a special way.

On the way back we treated the students with tea and samosa…all of us were hungry. After all had eaten Nupi went to pay the bill and the owner gave a concession. When Nupi said. ‘Thank You” to the owner for the concession he said, “no madam, in fact I should say thank you to you and your students for being so well behaved. It’s a group of thirty people and I have not seen young kids so well mannered as yours. It is my experience that when young kids come in a group they drive us nuts with their behavior.’ Doesn’t that make you feel proud of our students?”

Nupi asked the girls to write down how they felt about this opportunity. Here are some of the comments by the participating girls.

*       This was the most beautiful day of my life when I went to the All India Radio station to record songs of Jesus Christ. I come from a very small remote village where we hear programs on radio; I had never dreamt in my life that I would ever be a part of a radio program.

*       I had never ever thought that such a day would come in my life when I will be able to perform on the radio. I got to see music instruments that I had never seen in my life. I praise God for this opportunity and my teachers for training me.

*       Because of God’s will that I was able to present a program on the radio. I saw the recording rooms and learned many things as to how to talk, pronounce etc.

*       I tried to give my best when we went for the recording. We had practiced a lot for it. I am so happy that my voice, my name will be heard all over India. I will listen to the program and ask my village program to hear it on Christmas day.

*       I am happy that I was able to interact with very talented and high level professionals during this experience.

*       I am happy that I was selected for the singing. I never dreamed about such a day in my life. I could believe that I was actually a part of such a big thing. Really God is good. My life has taken a new direction ever since I came to RGI. This is an unforgettable experience for me.

*       I was so scared when I entered the studio but the encouragement from my teachers boosted my confidence. I will glorify Jesus all my life.

*       This was a wonderful and special experience on a special day 12/12/12. I will never forget that God helped me to be a part of something that I had never ever thought of in my wildest dreams.

Praise God for He brings our students to places and experience that of which we never dreamed and feel totally unworthy. We are, ‘proclaiming aloud your praise, and telling all your wonderful deeds’ Psalm 26:7. Please pray that the gospel message given through this program will touch many souls in India that need Jesus.