We Have Arrived

Jan 14, 2013 | India

Well, we have arrived safe and sound at Prakash. The flights were good with the exception of the two-hour delay in taking off from Atlanta due to mechanical problems. I am just as glad they found the problems before we were in the air. Thankfully, we had a four-hour layover in Paris, so we were not stressed about missing our flight.

India is simply not an Apple computer world yet, so it has taken me all this time to get connected to the Internet. Every year we seem to go through the same problem. At least I am getting well known by the personnel at the TataIndicom office.

There have already been several events worthy of a Journal. Just have to get them written and sent. I am again aware of the assault India has on the senses…smells, sounds and PEOPLE.

Loren and I have both been fighting not to get a cold. Keep us in your prayers for our health. We cannot accomplish the work we need to do if we are ill.