More Hope for Christmas…A Cow

Dec 27, 2012 | India

OK, now, for those of you who gifted a cow…here’s your story. There will be more stories as the gifting continues…till the money runs out.

As you can see Dr. Suresh has been hard at work getting all the chickens, goats, and cows purchased, vaccinated, transported, and given. We need to give him a BIG hooray!!! He really puts feet to all your gifts. Also, just a little more information on all the work he goes to for these projects—he cannot, or will not, buy the animals from the same area where he intents to gift an animal…too much inbreeding. Moreover, he vaccinates every animal. He only buys producing animals. The recipients of the gifts could not afford to feed the animal until it did produced. So there is a lot of research going into each and every gift. He loves doing it, but still we need to give him a BIG SHOT OUT…DR. SURESH, thank you. What would we do without you?

“Raju is a 22-year-old-tribal young man living with his parent 60Km (37 miles) away from Nagpur. (Remember, Dr. Suresh has to make this trip frequently now that he has established a relationship—ON A MOTORCYCLE.)


Their house still maintain its traditional look, even though it needs repair. It is made up of grass and mud. His parent’s main earning source is working for others. His father graze other’s animals and his mother works in hard labor for other’s farms. Over all their economic condition is very poor.

Raju is an ex-student of Vet-Meds self-reliant training program and Starting Point. After attending, he wish to start his own dairy farm. He applied many places for a loan to start his own project, as he doesn’t have enough education to get any other kind of job. As he doesn’t have any financial guarantee he was refused to be given loan. He and his family were very much discouraged with this situation.

When I gave him good news about cow gift it was a big surprise to them and Raju at once ask me whether I am joking. But when I confirm the news he started crying. Somehow I made him quiet. He was very happy, but specially his mother. I told them I will bring cow tomorrow and requested for staying somebody at home tomorrow.

Whole family was overwhelmed by this special gift. They were speechless except politely joined hands together to say, ‘THANKS.’ What it means is a big thank you. Raju himself ask me to pray for his cow before other village people. As I joined my hands with the family and prayed to Lord, everybody around me joined with me in prayer.

After our prayer three women showed interest for buying milk from Raju. I saw huge smile on his face. What a change in his life from tomorrow, selling milk and of course he will get milk for his tea too.

While I was coming back Raju came running to me and said, ‘Thank you,’ again.

I trust this cow will bring economic transformation in this family. Also now it will give them financial guarantee, too, for loan. I must say thank you to the donor and may God bless you.”


Like I said before, there is no bigger celebration of Christmas than this. A gift of HOPE and a chance to show Christ’s love.