You Brought Hope for Christmas…Goats

Dec 26, 2012 | India

I know that those of you who gave money for goats want a story too. Well, here is one that has given hope to a humble and desperate family. Again, Dr. Suresh has supplied me with a charming tale.

“Once again I am very happy to give this report of your Christmas gift to very poor tribal village family. Raut is a tribal man living with his wife and 19 year-old-daughter in a village 50km away from Nagpur city. His economic condition is hand to mouth. He grazes other’s goats and as he goes out in jungle to do this, he also does Honey hunting to meet his families needs. Even after this, also he finds financial trouble every month.

But now he is very happy, as he has his own goats, which was his dream.

After giving him pair of goats along with one kid, I just asked him a question, ‘How do you feel after getting this gift?’ With a big smile on his face he answer me very confidently, ‘It is really God’s grace that my dream is fulfilled through God loving people. Now I feel encouraged that I have my own goats to support me and my family. I would like to thanks heartily to those who helped us for this. May Almighty bless them richly.’

His wife very happily made tea for me and while making tea she was continuously thanking me for giving them pair of goats.

I went inside the kitchen and saw freshly brought honey comb in plate and I requested her for taste. She happily offered me some.


When I tasted that fresh honey it was really sweet and I heartily missed Loren and Sylvia this time. They always like such new experiences.

I was thinking while coming back that this small gift made such a wonderful change in this family’s life. I trust this will bring financial development to this family, as I have seen in many cases. I also want to give thanks to all God loving people in America who shared their Christmas joy with us to make others joyful.”


I think there is no bigger celebration of Christmas than this. May God bless you and continue to make you channels of joy to many for His glory.