You Granted a Christmas Wish

Dec 19, 2012 | India

I wanted you all to know your Christmas gifts of Chickens, Goats, Cows, Sweaters, Uniforms, Sewing Machines, Tires, etc are already being distributed and will continue till the money runs out.

Dr. Suresh has written a sweet chicken story. Contacts made years ago are just now showing results.

“Kishor is a poor village young man still living in a mud hut house with his brothers and parents.

He belongs to very low caste. He has three younger brothers who are still going to the village school. The family makes brooms out of Palm tree leaves and sell it in other villages to make some money. It is not enough to run all household expenditure. Many times they face difficulty to buy ration for the family.

I know Kishor from his childhood and he was my regular student for the Veggie Tales VBS some years ago. He always stood first in every activity. But economic condition does not allow him to attend further education. Now he is a married man and he have one three-year sweet and active daughter. Except this, I do not see any development in his life and living conditions, as it needs some extra income.

 He is very proud about his daughter as she is very active and help her mother in small activities. When I was there she was busy in washing utensils. (Remember, she is three. This is NOT for play.) 

Kishor is very, very happy to have such wonderful gift of 12 chickens in his treasure. (We give full-grown chickens and enough number to secure an instant income, plus food for the family. They do not have the money to feed and raise chicks for six months.) Now he will provide balanced diet to his daughter and family and also give him some extra income. He want to start saving for his daughter’s education. (They know it is unquestionably the only way to break the cycle of poverty.)

I asked Kishor what is his dream and he told me, ‘My biggest dream is to educate my daughter in Christian School.’ I told him about Ruth Girls Institute and he is very happy that he will send his daughter there after 10th. He also admired our decision to start something like this for poor village girls.

He is very much thankful to those who help him for this project and give opportunity to initiate some development in his poor troublesome life. Really it is one huge step to help poor man like Kishor to develop. These gifts give me special opportunity to tell these poor villagers about Jesus, the reason we celebrate Christmas.”

These gifts that transform the life of an entire family can only be given with your help.  You have made it a very Happy Christmas for many in India.

God bless you for your generous gifts.