Teacher’s Day Celebration

Sep 17, 2012 | India, Ruth Girls Institute

This is a charming story about activities at Prakash written by Nupi, RGI administrator.

“Every year 5th of September is celebrated as teacher’s day in India.  On this day teachers are appreciated for their contribution to education.

With the new batch of students arriving at RGI it is my desire always to bring out the best in each student so that they become a better and confident person.  We have our joint assembly for PBI and RGI every Wednesday in the RGI auditorium.  It was nice that this year teacher’s day was Wednesday and therefore we decided to have a special program for the teachers by the girls.  The girls wrote their skit, picked the songs and practiced for almost two weeks.

The program began with choruses led by girls and boys along with Nagesh sir.

Joy had invited a special guest who is a retired professor and now has been appointed to represent the Christian community to the District Administration.  This man encouraged the students to make the most of every opportunity they get. He shared his personal experience of how he lived with worn out clothes and chappals (sandals) that people gave him but now by the grace of God and through education he is a successful person representing Christian values in the community.  He was awarded as a hero on national level by a big foundation in India for his contribution to the society.

The RGI girls enacted a skit after this.  It was very touching act, the girls really brought life into the story by their acting to the point that Joy said, ‘it brought tears to my eyes.’  I am so proud of my girls.


At the end Nitin who is a former student of Prakash and has now joined us as a teacher was called up on the stage because it was his birthday.  Nitin left the job that was paying him twice of what we pay him now to come to Prakash as a teacher.  He said, ‘I did this because I want to give back to Prakash for the contribution it has made in my life.’ (Remember, I wrote about this Alumni)

I was happy that the girls performed well.  Little did I know or realize that every experience that the students acquire at RGI in any form makes a difference to the individual.  One girl who acted as a teacher in the skit came to my office after the program and said, ‘Madam, I want to wish you Happy Teacher’s Day and I want to thank you too.  I studied for 10 years in school and knew that 5 September is teacher’s day, I was a part of programs before but today it has become more relevant and meaningful to me.  I celebrated it today knowing its importance and the meaning I will never forget it in my life.’

I am sure there are others who have been touched too but have not had courage to come up and express. We will know it sooner or later, all that we are doing is to “Cast thy bread upon the waters; for thou shalt find it after many days.’ ”

Yeah…Nupi and staff! Keep up the great work.