Orientation at Prakash

Sep 1, 2012 | India

It is that time of year again when school is beginning with all the excitement of new classes and new friends.  The same thing is happening at Prakash.  One of the many NEW experiences for the students in India is Orientation.

There are so many new things for them to learn…one being to sleep in a BED.  Most of these young people have never slept in a bed; much less know how to put sheets on a bed.   Nearly all of the students grow up sleeping, rolled in a thin blanket on a cow-dung floor.

About two years ago, Loren and I realized that the boys were not being taught how to make up a bed.  How can we expect them to keep a neat bed if they have never been taught?  Now when the new sheets are distributed there is also a session on “How to make a bed.” 

(I just thought these pictures are darling.)  There are also sessions on how to bathe, how to use an indoor toilet, and how to sit at a table to eat and dining hall etiquette, just to name a few.

HERE IS A QUOTE FROM MOSES, Dean of Students:”Today we gave new Bed sheets and pillow covers to the



As we gave them new bed sheets we also

taught students how to make their beds.

Boys were enjoying to learn how to make their beds.

Most of them did not do a good job today but I am very

sure that they will learn it soon.

It was lot of fun for boys and for us too.”

Also the new school session has barely started and it is “holiday” celebration time.  India LOVES their holidays.  Independence Day for India is a big deal….not unlike our own July 4th with exception of no fireworks.

Every school in India celebrates the day with a flag-raising ceremony. 

Prakash students love a party like all kids do.  After the flag rising there is a special prominent dignitary as speaker,


prayer, singing and student addresses.

By the way, everyone stands in regimented lines throughout the entire program. Ugg!!! 

At the end of the program “sweets” are given to all in attendance and the remainder of the day is for games and free time.

Please pray for staff as they are enduring “sickness rain.” It has rained non-stop for weeks now and most of the staff travel by motorcycle. They are soaking wet when they arrive on campus and never get a chance to dry out. Many farmers have lost their entire crops, due to the heavy rain.Without you there would be no Prakash
               *   Some names  have been changed to protected the privacy and safety of the characters in my stories.