Interview and Graduation

Aug 1, 2012 | India

Don’t you just love to see God at work?  How He uses unexpected experiences and people to design a masterpiece for His Kingdom?  The mission of Prakash is to train and equip young people with a trade so they are able to be salt and light in their work place, home and church.

Recently, we are experiencing some wonderful results due to relationships Loren and I fostered years ago.  Being accepted into this “extended family” has been rewarding for us personally and for the Institutes.

One of the families in the large extended Hindu community has been interviewing our PBI students for jobs with their HUGE manufacturing company in Nagpur.

The Interviews were held at the Prakash campus for the entire classes of welding and electrical students. The boys were scared to death even with their instructors there to help.

As we viewed the pictures we realized we needed to prepare them ahead of time with some roll playing.   More of the students were thought to be eligible until we grasped the fact; they were underage and could not work for a large company, due to the “Child Labor Law” of India.  This never entered our minds before because it had not been enforced.

The company loves the work ethics instilled in the students during their studies at Prakash.  They said, “We can teach them job skills which they are lacking, but we cannot teach them the ethics they learn here at Prakash.”

After obtaining the position, these young men will START with a monthly salary of more rupees than is made by some of our staff.

Loren is home.  The trip was extremely successful.  He ONLY had one little bout with the crud!!! (Which is the reason I couldn’t go.) He also had a chance meeting with another member of the “extended family” who is interested in helping us update our syllabus and then hiring students for his international company…just yet, another instance of God at work.

Graduation was held while Loren was at Prakash and he was suppose to speak, but that was when he did not feel well.  He did send his camera to the ceremony, so here are some pictures of the students and their BIG DAY.  There was lots of singing

and testimonies and of course, a speaker

before certificates, were handed out.  98% of the students who come to PBI and RGI will graduate and 80% of the PBI will have jobs upon graduation.



The RGI girls were surprised to receive a photo with their certificates from the ladies of the February TEAM.  Loren hand carried the photos showing all the girls and the females of the TEAM together…a precious memory for these RGI students.

Without you none of this work could take place.