A Chicken Story

Mar 14, 2012 | India

Dr. Suresh has another chicken story:


“Yenbi is a 45 years old farm lady and her husband Dnya and their two sons migrated to a tribal village where they were surprisingly accepted. Two years ago Yenbi took Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and later was baptized.  (The government of India requires that all Christians register with the police department and show a baptismal certificate.  It is for political reasons.)  Their elder son Anjee had some severe problem in both eyes and this led them to attend church on a regular basis and somebody from the church guided them, on time, to take Anjee to an eye specialist and now he is able to see a little bit.  This is great miracle for this family.   Yenbi is now praying for her husband.


Basically they are from another state and now working on a farm.  Very soon the farm owner gave everything in their hand as he realized that they are good people. Still the earnings are very little.  Yenbi is holding prayer in her farmhouse once in a week.

Vanda is leading them in this and sometimes I am attending this prayer meeting and give glory to Jesus for the change in all their lives.


Last time when I attended the prayer meeting in their house I decided to gift them some chickens and I shared it with them.  I like the response from Yenbi.  She said. “Really this is God who is bringing such thing in our lives, and we accept it as God’s gift.  I will give some money for God’s work.”  She requested me to pray for these chickens.

(When I asked about the picture of the man’s black hands, “Are they burned?” Suresh wrote back, “Oh Nani, it was the day after ‘Holi’ FESTIVAL OF COLORS—they throw colored powder all over everyone—so his hands are black from that powder.”)


I know this gift will be a great help to this family as both of them are working throughout the day and with two sons to look after their income does not allowed them to buy some good protein food for their family.  Now they can have eggs in their food, which will be very good source protein and specially the young growing children.



Being a head of this project I want to give thanks to the God’s people who gave money for buying this gift for this family, trust this will bring physical and financial blessings to this family.   I know how difficult it is for them to get protein readily available here in this village away from city.  But this gift will really take care.  May God bless you and your families and make you a channel to bless many like these people.  God bless you.”

Again how do I say thank you for all you have done for this ministry and all the ministries of Prakash?