The Last Night for the TEAM

Mar 3, 2012 | India

Trying to achieve everything on the schedule in just a few days was almost impossible task…especially in India.  There were some side trips, one to RamTek—the monkey temple–

and visits to a couple of our alumni’s workplaces in town to see the successes of Prakash students.  All of which were exciting events with a gazillion questions from the TEAM. BUT I had one last THRILLING secret planned. I felt like a “mother hen” while trying to get all my chicks into auto rickshaws for a ride back to Prakash.


I was in the car trying to keep track of all the little yellow and black vehicles, but when I returned to campus and took count—my heart dropped—one was missing.  Everyone said, “No No, they are all here,” but MY count was all I cared about.  Jumping back into the car, driving back—at top speed—to find my missing chick. 

Talk about relief when I saw the tiny yellow and black speck at the end of the road.   Quizzing the teenagers later, I found this ride to be the most exciting part of the trip.


The last night for the TEAM was an all-out cultural affair.  Saris were put on all the females and the guys were dressed in Kurtas. (A long Indian shirt.) 

Due to the fact the gals needed the help of the ladies at RGI to arrange the saris properly, they walked over early to RGI with idea of painting the RGI girls’ toenails and maybe doing some make-up during the dressing.

Well, the girls quickly turned that all around and were doing the TEAM gals’ hair and make-up in nothing flat.  No flatirons or blow dryers for them.  So cute!  What beauties, snuggly wrapped in the their sari, were the USA ladies.


Rangoli—a sand carpet drawing— and a flower petal carpet decorated the entrance for the RGI auditorium, as the guests arrived for the evenings’ events.


The Cultural Program began promptly at 6:30 with a Lezin Dance by the RGI girls,

complete with authentic costumes.  Mistress of Ceremonies,

Nupi—wearing my Mom’s sari—introduced a Staff song,

“The Cracked Jar” skit by the girls

and dances by the boys,

BUT to fill out the evening, the TEAM performed “Made in America, ” a song co-written by Greg.  It rocked the auditorium. Then to the surprise to all, the TEAM gifted the three VERY expensive Taylor guitars to Prakash. WOW, and double WOW, WOW.  What a blessing this gift will be for the music program here at Prakash.


At 8:30 an Indian dinner was served to all 200 people in the gorgeous courtyard of RGI.

What a perfect place for a party. 


We had it COMPLETELY catered so no staff had to work to make it happen.


The evening ended about 10pm so the TEAM could be rested for their 7am flight the next morning.  We have all bonded and shared life-changing experiences, but best of all, other than having my son and grandkids here, was getting to know these wonderful people of God.  I have two new “best first-cousin friends.” (Inside joke.) No really, there were friendships made that will last a lifetime.
I know this is a little late. BUT I had to re-cooperate after all the excitement around here.