The Gift of Cows

Feb 11, 2012 | India

Ramki is a 25-year-old young man totally uneducated.  He lives in the jungle and started grazing others’ animals at the age of nine because of unfathomable poverty in his family.


Five years ago Ramki attended a free veterinary medical camp and immediately caught the attention of the Dr. Suresh. Ramki was such a simple poor village boy that it reminded the doctor of his own youth.  Taking time out of his busy schedule—feeling the spirit of God leading him—Dr. Suresh invited Ramki to attend Vet-Med’s self-reliant training program.


Dr Suresh says,  “It was very strange and surprising to him as every training needed some kind of qualification. But when I proved my seriousness he was very happy to have such kind of training.  He didn’t know how to read or write, but it was a real challenge for me to make him understand:  management care, diagnosis of disease, fodder management, marketing and Christian belief.  I should give credit to Ramki for passing his oral exam with a very good grade.”


In 2011 Ramki was married to Suni a 24-year-old beautiful village girl.  Now needing to provide for a wife he has continually phoned Dr. Suresh to help him find a job in the city.  Without any education or skills, it was an impossible request to fulfill.



“But as I given the opportunity to gift two cows I thought to gift it to Ramki to start a dairy business of his own,” said Dr. Suresh. “When I shared this with him he was the happiest person on earth.”

These cows daily give eighteen to twenty liters of milk. It sells for twenty rupees per liter. Four hundred rupees a day, which is a very good start for Ramki.  His wife is sincerely happy with this special gift.  Both of them give thanks to those who helped them.  We all trust this gift will bring joy in this new family and make them self-reliant.


“As a head of this Vet-Med ministry,” states Dr. Suresh,  “I just want to say this is an awesome and very kind gift to this young man.  Now he can stand on his own.  This will surely bring financial revolution in their lives and help them to get protein in their diet.  May our Lord bless you because you have been a channel for others to have a blessed life.  God bless you.   Today Suni, wife of Ramki served me village tea. I was quite surprised to see her cleanliness.”


There are some stories to come about the gift of chickens.  Dr. Suresh has been very busy in the ESL classes.