ESL at Prakash

Jan 21, 2012 | India

“English as a Second Language,” (ESL) For years Loren and I have seen the need to teach English to our students and passionately tried to find someone to come to Prakash and teach our teachers this wonderful technique of learning

English—to no avail.  Should we be amazed at how God has worked in bringing this great program to Prakash?  I think not.


This summer my sister and her husband were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and invited all of their original wedding attendants to come and stand up with them as they renewed their vows.  As it turned out the three-day party grew to about 120 people.  At first, Loren and I were a little reluctant to go because of the distance, but as maid-of-honor there was no way I could miss.


One afternoon during the festivities there was some free time so I took the opportunity to show a friend some Prakash photos on my computer.  One of the groomsman for Ron overheard our conversation and became interested.  The long and short of it is—he is an ESL instructor and after praying about it, was willing to come to Prakash to teach.  All these years of our trying and God made it happen in a short time—in a most unexpected way.


Bob arrived yesterday.



His only word was, “WOW!” for the welcome program the students and staff had prepared for him.

Rose petals, garlands, songs and skits were preformed.  Everyone had also worked their tails off to get a food supply




comfortable bedroom ready for his three-week stay.


Renewing our old acquaintance has been great fun.

Fifty some odd years ago we all attended Biola University together, so there is a lot of reminiscing and laughter going on.  Bob told some stories on Loren at lunch that the staff was delighted to hear.  After 50 years, Loren is certain Bob’s memory is not close to being correct.  LOL

We start classes on Monday and pray that our staff will covet the time with Bob and see the potential for change in our students’ lives as they now graduate from Prakash knowing how to speak English.