Motorcycle Accident

Oct 25, 2011 | India

I have asked Nupi to write this story.

“As I always say Suresh spends much of his time on his motorcycle so much, that at times I envy the motorcycle and his work. Every morning as a family it’s our priority to pray together at breakfast before we all head out in different directions. On the 18th of October we did the same. Suresh’s safety on the roads has always been the closest worry to my heart, but I have learned to pray for him and TRUST GOD for his protection. He has had many incidents of falling in the past and again and again we have experienced that Lord’s protection.

Loren has brought some water filters to be fitted in the villages. A person whom we were going to give one of the filters called Suresh to say that he had bought some buckets and “Doctor Sahib” needed to see if they were the right ones. So Suresh went to see them and thought they were not the right size. The man said, “Why don’t you buy them for me I will give you the money?” On the way back Suresh came upon a blind turn (we were teasing him, “Was the turn blind or were you blind?”) but anyway, all of a sudden some buffaloes came running out of the bushes on the road. A male was chasing a female in heat. Suresh applied urgent brakes to avoid dashing with them, but could not avert his motorcycle from toppling. He fell in a way that is difficult to describe. But by God’s grace he was able to get up and stand on his feet. He picked up his motorcycle and like a very good and courageous boy did not want to bother his wife or anyone else by calling to inform that he had fallen and drove back home in pain.

Praise God that he reached back home safely. He took a pain killer and slept in the afternoon which is very RARE. As I went home from work I saw him and asked, “What’s wrong?” THEN he narrated everything that had happened. I wanted to take him to the doctor right away, but this strong man refused and thought he would be all right by the next morning. But I knew he would need to go to the doctor.

Next morning I called Nani to let her know that this had happened and I would be taking Suresh to the doctor. Papi who was overhearing the conversation said, “Tell her I am sending a driver and the car to take them to the hospital.” How thoughtful and appropriate of him to do so!! Other staff also reacted promptly to provide all possible help.

After reaching the hospital the doctor took some X rays confirming my fear that Suresh had fractured his left wrist and he needed a plaster (cast) on his arm for at least a month. A month!!!!

Meanwhile Nani had called me to know what was up and said, “Bring Suresh to Prakash before you go home. I want to meet him.” We reached Prakash at 2pm. She offered us coffee, then looked at us and like a mother knew we were hungry. How true it was. She had some cheese sandwiches fixed for us and I was so thankful for it.

Nani and Papi later took Suresh home and instructed Shini and Rachel to take good care of their dad. They inspected Suresh’s motorcycle and found the damage to be less. Only the Dickey

(Side bag) and one turning signal needs to be replaced. His helmet has a large gash. Thankfully, it is MANDATORY that he always wears his helmet. When I reached home Suresh was resting and Rachel was proud that Nani had made her in charge of her father to make sure that he stays in bed.

God’s timing is so amazing. Shini will be having one-month vacation for Diwali starting from Monday and it is going to be of a great help for us. I praise God for his protection and the timely, loving and caring help that we received from his servants at the time of our need. Yes, this is not an ideal situation to be in but things could have been worse. THANK YOU ALL WHO SUPPORT US WITH YOUR PRAYERS. I hope and pray that Suresh will use this resting time to review his ministry and plan some things that he may want to do in the future. May he grow closer to the Lord.”

Love, Nupi

This will be a very hard time for Suresh to wait to heal. Please do remember him in your prayers. Thankfully, Loren is getting better and is back to some of his list of “do’s”

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