Would you work this hard to go to school?

Aug 4, 2011 | India, Prakash Boys Institute

A… lives in a remote tribal village that is highly infested by Communists who follows Marxist-Leninist ideology, called Gajamendi. He lives with his parents who are very poor and survive on the meager income from his father’s daily wage. A… was told by his sister who came to Nagpur for Bible training about Prakash Institute of India. She personally came to Prakash in the heavy rains and acquired the form for her brother with the dream that he would get direction for his life.

A… was called for the admission interview at Prakash on India on 28th of July 2011. But due to the “Baand” call (a shut down of everything) by Naxalites (communists) in the district, all the transport facilities were stopped. There was a threat to the lives of people who would venture out during the specified period decided by this militant group. But with great determination A… said “Goodbye” to his family and started his 275 Kilometer (about 171 miles) journey to reach Nagpur. As there were no buses running and the telecommunications facilities were blown out from bombs, and with great risk to his life he began walking on the road. He had to walk 15 kilometers (a little over 9 miles) to find some kind of transport to reach a safer place. Somehow there was one private Jeep that brought him to the town where he could catch the bus to reach Nagpur.

Being in the remote area, the standard of education is not very high, still he has cleared his 12th standard. He is very much interested in doing the Electrician Course in Prakash. He is excited to study the Bible and grow in the Lord. He says, “This is a golden opportunity for me to study in a Christian school. I want to see my entire village of 85 households changed for Jesus Christ.”

As the new term starts let us remember to pray for the easy adjustment to campus life for all the students of both PBI and RGI.

I continue to be amazed by how hard life is for these students.