Blind Village Girl

Nov 5, 2010 | India

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So very often in India simple medical conditions are neglected due to finances. About a month ago we learned of a situation with the Chief’s daughter. This is the village where Vasentha lives.

This chief has offered land if Loren and I would build a house and live with them. (Heaven forbid!!!) No, I guess I would if God REALLY wanted us too. But it would have to be a pretty big “whisper” from God. Bill Hybel says, “God speaks in whispers, we just don’t listen.”

In the following email from Dr. Suresh we learned that the situation had not been resolved. Before, we had been assured that they had taken this darling girl to a “good” doctor. Now we insisted that they take her to Dr Suraj. He is the eye specialist that I let work on MY eyes, so we felt confident he was the BEST.

Dr. Suresh writes:

“Thank you for your guidance about taking chief’s daughter to the Suraj Eye Institute. Today we took the girl to the doctor. It took about four hours to get all the tests done. Finally, the diagnosis was, both eye pale discs have swelling. (According to my, SHE, research, the optic disc is the beginning of the optic nerve as all light collecting nerves bundle together and leave the eye in route to vision.) The doctor said that he would give her three injections. The chances of her getting back her sight are less, as it has been four months since this happened. But he wants to take a chance and try. He desperately wants to help this girl. He has such a heart for the poor. Before starting the injections we will be seeing a neurologist, as advised by Dr. Suraj, to rule out a possible cause of raised intracranial tension. The eye specialist wants to start his course of treatment as soon as possible after the opinion of the neurologist. We need to pray fervently for this girl. We don’t know if she will get her sight back or not, but she is under depression and shock after loosing her sight. The chief and his wife are very thankful for our help to them. I cannot express the kind of contentment and the ray of hope on the mother’s face as we took them to the hospital. She is very concerned about her daughter. Let’s hope for the best.

I am attaching the details of the expenditure as given by the doctors. I would like to know whether we should go forward with this or not because it is beyond our ability to help with this great cost. I hope that the chief and his family will be able to experience the love and compassion of Jesus through what we are doing for them.

Please reply by tomorrow morning if possible because we have 10 am appointment.”

Of course, we told them to go ahead with the procedures. Too be honest, we do not have the money to pay for this even though it is only $300 to this point. If anyone feels lead we could greatly use your help. The impact is not only on this village, but the other 7 villages of this tribe. To God be the glory.