Sad stories from India

Oct 27, 2010 | India

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So many things are happening at Prakash right now that it will be hard to get them all in one email. We hate to get this kind of news. Gerogia seems so far away at these times.

One of the huge concerns has been the monsoons that have caused havoc with the farmers and their livestock. In fact many human lives have been lost due to disease. Dr. Suresh has had his hands full, with many vaccinations and medications to give, both human and animal. I had a personal concern when I found out that baby Connor had pneumonia. He is recovering, but the doctor told Vijaywanti, Yes, I know it is a mouth full, (She is Vasentha’s sister) she was not keeping Connor warm enough. She was letting him spend his time on the cow-dung floor while she worked. It simply was too cold for such a young baby. He is thankfully now recovering nicely.

The village where Vasentha lives is the “wine-makers” village
and because of the extreme monsoon season they have not been able to make their wine. We were very concerned for their livelihood, BUT they have been forced to go outside their comfort zone and find other jobs.

This just might be God’s way of getting them out of this unhealthy enterprise.
One of the RGI girls had an emergency appendectomy. This was almost a tragedy. The Warden called her mother, (she is a semi orphan) and the mother took her to the Government Hospital—God help me if I ever had to go there. Words cannot describe the horror. I visited one once and it will NEVER happen again. Anyway, they just put her in a filthy bed where she got no attention, finally, with Prakash’s help she was admitted to a private hospital. She was quickly operated on only to find the appendices had already ruptured. She has not been able to return to RGI as of yet. Keep her in your prayers. Poverty kills!!!! She was so close to death. Thank goodness we have great relationships with good (Indian style) private hospitals.

Also we just received word that our Head security guard has been hospitalized with a liver disorder. He has been a faithful member of the Prakash staff for over 20 years. (Sorry, I do not have his picture) His wife, Mangala, is the lady who cleans our room and does our wash while we are in India.

They are one of only two dear couples who live on campus. From the way it was explained, it seems to be very serious. Again, keep this dear man Vinayak in your prayers. These are very special people and we need all of your prayers. Without you we could not continue doing what God has lead us to do.

We thank you for your prayers and support