RGI Graduation Stories

Sep 20, 2010 | India, Ruth Girls Institute

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I know, I know, it has been way to long since the last Journal BUT I do have an excused as stupid as it may be—I fell while we were in CA and I messed up my arm and have been in a sling. (For those of you who know me well, IT WAS NOT MY FAULT!!!) It is hard to “hunt and peck” a Journal.

I just received these wonderful testimonies of TRANSFORMED LIVES from a
couple of the newly graduated RGI girls.

When Jyoti arrived at RGI it was next to impossible to get her to write even one sentence about herself. She is a complete orphan and says, “I would have been on the streets if I hadn’t been brought to a Christian orphanage.” Having only completed eighth standard in a Marathi medium school there was NO hope for further education. It is because of girls like Jyoti that we have not made the educational criteria too high for the girls at RGI.

Jyoti- Graduation Day response. 2010

“I had never dreamed in my life that I would come so far to study in such a beautiful hostel. But God knows my heart; He has some plans for me. I loved the beautiful gardens at RGI. I liked the rules and the discipline because discipline is very important for our life and it is going to be beneficial in my future. Our housemother lives with us and teaches us good habits. I love all my teachers. They scolded me for my wrong doings, in the beginning I used to be very angry for that but later I realized that it was for my good. I loved the Starting Point course. I was an adamant girl before coming to RGI I did not listen to anyone I did as it pleased me and took the beating, but after being at RGI this nature that I had is gone. I loved being at RGI.

(Rupali is a very softhearted girl. She is a total orphan and has had bitter experiences. Her uncle who sheltered her was going marry her off to get rid of his responsibility.) “But my auntie asked him to send me to RGI because she thought I would be able to stand on my own feet if I come to RGI. She helped me fill the form and I was able to get admission here. I lived in a hostel that was not good at all. We did not get good food. There were 30 girl students and only one toilet and bathroom.” (Ladies, you think you have it bad!)

Rupali- Graduation Day response. 2010

(A note from Nupi, “I have a14 page written response from Rupali. She also spoke on the graduation day. I am going to try and compress her response.)

“I am thankful to God for choosing me to come to RGI. Just like he chose Loren Nana and Sylvia Nani to work for Him and be a part of God’s plan for me. I had never dreamed in my life that I would be able to come here. But God brought me to the “Star family” where I am surrounded by many stars.

The first day I walked into the hostel I saw lots of squares on the walls and said to myself, “There are so many TV sets in this building.” but later I realized they were square shaped windows.

From the beginning I was a very naughty girl. There is no page in the complain register that does not have my name. I made mistakes and I got punished for it. But towards the end the situation changed. I learned God’s Word at RGI. I studied the Starting Point course and I came to know the true, living God, Jesus. I have accepted Him as my personal Savior.
I got the way of life in RGI. I have staff that loves me. The training I received at RGI is important for me because I have no parents to support me, but God knew that I want to stand on my own feet and he brought me to RGI. Now I have the confidence that I can even run a shop of my own.

I like the discipline at RGI. The habit of getting up at 5 am in the morning made me understand the importance of time. Things that I learned at RGI could never be gotten anywhere else.

Anupama madam, (Nupi) you have given me so much love that I have never received in my life. Thanks for teaching Starting Point. I learned to be humble and quite from you I hope to become a woman like you. Thank you for your guidance.

Alishiba Madam, I like you so much. You have taught me tailoring so well that I have the confidence that I can open a shop of my own now. You are like a mother to me you taught me to forgive others.

Shweta Madam, Dress Making teacher- you have a smiling face, but you teach so well and scold us so strictly. But you accept us again and never keep your anger for a long time.

Sweety Madam, you teach such an important subject beauty parlour to the girls, I loved your class very much.

Housemother, you have disciplined me. You always kept an eye on every thing I did. You scolded me when I was wrong, but after some time you called me and lovingly showed me my mistake. You taught me cleanliness and to read my Bible.

Cook maushi, (Aunty) Thanks for cooking delicious food for me. You are so quite; you treated me like your own daughter and always counseled me.

I am happy that I was loved at RGI. I was cared for when I was sick. I gained confidence in my life. This was an important time of life. I learned to give shape to the garden trees.

Rupali has written a beautiful poem in Marathi that means,
I do not know why my eyes are wet while leaving you.

I see the coming of my tomorrows.
My future very near, but my one-foot will always be stuck to the memories of my yesterday spent at RGI.
In your fellowship I had forgotten that I will have to say goodbye some day, but how long will this emotional game last where will I get the friendship that I got at RGI.
I am very thankful to you all.

This is what it is all about, Transforming lives and giving hope for a brighter future.

Again and again, we thank you for your prayers and support