Nupi’s Stories

Jul 21, 2010 | India

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Hearing from our alumni is always fun and gives a gauge as to our successes and failures. I am constantly after staff to send me stories when I am not at Prakash to see for myself.

One RGI girl, Mangala, stole my heart with her sparkling personality. At a very young age Mangala was placed in an orphanage, because of fear for her safety, (due to her drunken father.)

Talented but not a proficient student, she did not pass her 10th standard, so was unable to attempt further education. RGI accepted her nonetheless and she developed into an exceptional, self-confident, vivacious young lady. Her desire to pass her 10th almost became an obsession. When she was ready to leave RGI I was concerned that she NOT return to her home situation. Arrangements were made for her to attend a school specializing in tutoring for this mandatory 10th exam.

Here are three stories from Nupi the Administrator of RGI.

“I heard from Mangala last week, she has passed her 10th standard. How happy she was when she called me. She will be deciding what to do now. There are two options– one to go for nursing and other to come back to RGI for computer. She asked me for guidance. I told her, ‘Do what YOU want, not what others tell you. I will always be there to help you and support you in your decision.’ She is now living with her Aunt.”

A girl with NO hope for a life SHE desired now has TWO options, because you have helped sustain a facility where young disadvantaged young Indian women are given a chance to be loved and taught self-worth. Without your continued support stories like this will never happen.

Last week Mamta, an RGI student came to the Warden and said, “Mother I want to buy the devotional book that we follow for our evening devotion.” The Warden told her it is a bit expensive. Mamta said. “I will try and buy it even though it is expensive because it is going to help me along with my Starting Point book when I go back to my family and talk about Jesus.”

Mamta came to us from a Buddhist family and she says, “I now know Jesus and want to go back and tell my family about Him. Please pray for me.” She came here because of Shital who studied computers last year with us. Mamta said, ” I saw the difference in her and wanted to come and experience the education here.” Another girl from the same village wants to come next year. No one in their village is a believer except Shital and now Mamta. (The devotional book is less than $5, but is equivalent to $500 to us. There are very few Christian resources in Marathi.)

Our Dress Making teacher got married in May. I (Nupi) had called her and her husband along with the Beauty Parlour teacher and her husband to dinner this Saturday. To my amazement the Beauty Parlour teacher’s husband asked me for a Bible. He said, ‘The SERVICE that you do at RGI is different. I want to read the Bible for what I have seen and heard about RGI.'” Both of these teachers are Hindus but have been impacted by the love and lifestyle of our Christian leadership.

Nupi says, ” I do have stories and little experiences that make me feel proud (me too) about RGI. I will make sure I write them down and send them to you.”

Again without your support none of this would happen.