Self-Reliant Training

Jun 28, 2010 | India, Prakash Boys Institute

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As impatient as we Americans are, finally, we are learning years and years of cultivating relationships have paid off big-time for Dr. Suresh and his Self-Reliant training. There is a farmer who is one of the most progressive in the entire Nagpur area. This farm has been the perfect place for us to stop for lunch on our village tours, resulting in returning to Prakash with bags of oranges, potatoes, etc., everything that happens to be in season. It is so typical of God, who delights in doing things in ways we would never dream of, to have the farmer who does not like many “white people” to be fond of Loren.

In the photo he is proudly showing Loren his new Earthworm Farm. Also proposing to set one up for Prakash IF it is a project we eventually try as a revenue source for the school. As well, when Loren decided, at long last, to remove the two bullock mascots from the Prakash campus, he gave them to this farmer.

Consequently the farmer has allowed Dr Suresh to use a number of somewhat dilapidated, roofless, buildings on the farm for training. Students from all over the state come here to eat, sleep and receive their instruction for Self-Reliant training. Over the years the very daunting task of repairs—by the students—have made the buildings quite adequate for the six-week training course.

The students are tribal or Hindu young men, (once in a while a girl,) who come for training in Goat Keeping. One of the women workers from the farm cooks the meals.

Notice the newspaper plates—saves on water and dish washing! Clean drinking water is also obtained from the freestanding water filter that donors of Prakash supplied to the farm. The last week of their stay is practical training in different villages and farms. Again, building superb relationships.

Each of the14 students registers knowing that there will be Christian education along with the Goat Keeping training and other activities. Dr. Suresh uses the Marathi Starting Point series and it has been tremendously successful.

Dr. Suresh said, “This year for first time I invited Vasantha to share his testimony. It was such huge response as many students really encouraged through his testimony. Vasantha boldly spoke before them and his simple village words really made impact.

Vet-Med Ministry has been one of the most rewarding of the Prakash for India organization. It is pitifully under funded. I have always said that Dr. Suresh needs several clones. He makes daily arduous trips to scores of villages putting about 20,000 miles a year on his tiny Honda 100 motorcycle. With a hundred percent effort, he wears out tires about every nine months doing his veterinary work. In his last email he states, “One thing is very clear that I need somebody’s help in this ministry, otherwise it will be very difficult for me. Transportation is my backbone for my ministry. I would like to bring to your notice that my motorcycle needs MAJOR repairs as it is troubling me so much”

Because of its unexpected growth, Self-reliant training has never been a Prakash budgeted item. The crux of the issue is due to the extreme hike in petrol prices, over $4.00 a gallon; he has had to use his maintenance fund for petrol. Now he is finding it difficult to continue with his responsibilities. Therefore we really need somebody to partner with him and Prakash to continue reaching these villages and young people in a humanitarian way with the love of Jesus.