Jun 4, 2010 | India

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In a Journal in February 2009 I was in the depths of despair over Rupali’s marriage, I wrote:

“Oswald Chambers says, “There are experiences like this in each of our lives. We are in despair; the despair comes from actualities—Jesus says, “Arise and do the next thing.” Never let the sense of failure corrupt your NEW action.”

Our prayer is that God’s masterpiece will be to use Rupali in a miraculous way and maybe, just maybe, lead a whole new flock to Jesus in her new home of Siliguri, West Bengal Hills,” (To read that Journal go to our Archives February 2009)

Many of you have asked about her, but since that time we have had little or no contact with Rupali. Her husband, Vijay, did call Dr. Suresh five months ago when Rupali required a caesarian section delivery for their baby. He asked Dr. Suresh to pray for her.

God had more than just a wedding and reception in His plans for Loren to be in India at this time. Rupali called to say she was at her Aunt’s home in Kalmeshwar, about 20 miles from Nagpur. Following is his report of a visit with Rupali and her 5 month-old SON Shaurya (meaning “Courage”)

Shortly after we were seated in the receiving room. Rupali said, “Take my son home with you.” Shocked I said, “Why do you want me to have your son? ” She said, “You will give him a better life, as you have done for me.” WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was not ready for that. It was just her desire to give the best to her child, at any cost.

We made an effort to Skype with Sylvia and did contact her for only a few minutes, but long enough for Sylvia and Rupali to exchange greetings. Where her aunt lives in Kalmeshwar, the signal was simply too weak.

Rupali’s niece (her aunt’s sister’s daughter) was there and is a student of civil engineering in Nagpur. She is a vivacious 18 years old and was a joy to have at the “party”. Actually having her there was of benefit with the aunt. I know it was a “God thing.”

Another, “God thing” was that Rupali’s husband called while we were visiting and I was able to talk with him. Vijay Khobragade is an English speaking, science degree university graduate. He works for the national railroad system, but not as a conductor, as we had been lead to believe, but is a manager for boggy-car maintenance. He is from Nagpur, but they now live in Siliguri. It is a vibrant, crowded trading hub encompassing the twin towns of Siliguri and New Jalpaiguri and is the jump-off point for Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Sikkim, the northeast states, eastern Nepal and Bhutan. For most travelers Siliguri is an overnight transit point where there are good meals, great shopping and a glimpse of snowy peaks. I would love to make a visit to this gorgeous area, but it is difficult for Americans.

Later I realized Rupali’s bother and his new wife were nearby. His recent marriage was a “love marriage” and not well received by either family. To add insult to injury, he is Buddhist and the bride is Hindu. Until that moment I was unaware that Rupali’s background is Buddhist. Her aunt wears the Hindu mark of “Bindi” on her forehead. This would normally indicate that she is a Hindu. These inconsistencies add to the confusion in trying to understand Hinduism and the culture. I would assume that in their historical heritage they were Hindu, but changed for political benefits. This is not uncommon to “beat” the caste

Upon leaving, Rupali came to the car and with a last touch on my arm she said (in English), as she looked straight into my eyes, “I love you”. I left with a heavy heart but also a heart of joy as I could see the results of Christ in her life. She is an example of one who lives her life so others see Jesus, I understand that her husband is now open to allowing her to talk with him about what Jesus means to her. She is loving him to Jesus. What a great delight to have invested in her life and realize that she has become like a daughter. We, through Prakash, have empowered one who is loved by our Heavenly Father to reach those we will never be able to touch.