Apr 20, 2010 | India, Prakash Boys Institute

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It is always such a joy for us, as well as staff, when one of our alumni visits the campus.

Sachin stopped by Prakash just a couple of days before Loren and left to come home.

I love his story.

Sachin is from Digras, a very small village about 220 KM from Nagpur. His mother is a housewife and his father is very sick. His father has been unable to work since the beginning of this long-term illness, so Sachin stays in the home. There is an elder brother working in Nagpur who culturally should be the one to stay with the parents.

I asked Sachin if he was married and with a darling grin he said, “No, but I am looking for a life partner and want to marry soon.” (See Moses interrupting for me)

(A SHE note—maybe he came NOT to visit PBI but to really to see RGI??? Only kidding)

One unique thing about Sachin’s family is they are the only Christian family in entire village of Digras. Being surrounded by Hindu fanatics many times this family has been beaten to the point of having family members admitted to the hospital. Also these irrational people have broken into their tiny mud-brick home and destroyed what few possessions the family owns.

They are very deep-seated in their faith even though faced with persecution. It would be far easier to renounce their faith, but very proudly they tell people, “We are Christians.”

It is a family who WALKS THEIR TALK!

I continue to be surprised, when asked; that former students say the discipline of Prakash is what they liked the most. It is the discipline taught for all areas of their young lives that will develop into a force for change in India.

After training as a welding student at Prakash, Sachin has opened a shop in his village and works as a welding fabricator. Of course, he loves owning his own shop. He says he earns a very nice income, and therefore can support his family. Most naturally his parents are very proud of him.

Praise God for his strong faith and courage to face any kind of persecution for Lord Jesus Christ. Please remember him and his family in your prayers.

Also pray that he (well actually his family) finds the perfect Christian girl I know God has for him.

Thank all of you for your support of Prakash.